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The Author's choice is a collection of four fiction books that are written solely for your entertainment and amusement and to stir your imagination. The content of these books are exhilarating, stimulating, and majestic.

These books are published and available for purchase through amazon.com and createspace.com. They can be obtained in either paperback or eBook version.

These books are amazingly frugal budget friendly priced with content that is exhilarating and audacious that more than make up for their low cost with their dynamic and compelling content. these select manuscripts will satisfy your thrust for a delightful voyage into adventure and romantic and spiritual escapades. Browse, buy, and save.

You will not be disappointed with either one of these books and thank you for your purchases. Take advantage of the special offers and great savings.

The Books

Triple Romancing

Paperback: $6.30 USD
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Author's Content Adviser: This book contains sexually explicit content.

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Triple Romancing by Herbert L Hilliard and published by amazon.com is a romance novel consisting of a collection of three short love stories that will grab the reader's attention from the first few paragraphs and keep the reader delighted throughout the remainder of the book.

These three love stories will amaze and tantalize the reader with the openness and adventure that is explicit in every line of these three love stories. These tales are written in a steady and even flow of events that are nonetheless unpredictable and surprising as one moment leads to the next in a suspenseful wave of romance and passion. One can easily be swept up in the cloaks of passionate imaginations and fantasies by the tales that are portrayed in these three love stories.

There is adventure and the unexpected all encased within three random examples of how unpredictable life can be. In each story love comes by an unusual set of circumstances that are premeditated by a conscious human action to win a mate for love, sex and companionship. In each story the parties involved are strong willed people who have fixed ideals about themselves and are willing to take advantage of situations that come their way to promote those ideals.

In each story the process of dating is truncated by decisive actions and willful designs to accomplish romantic goals. In each story the ends justifies the means and in spite of taking a big chance on rejection and possible criminal prosecution acceptance wins out and love is born. Do not miss out on the sensual experience and erogenous adventure that can be gained by the reading of this amazon kindle ebook.

Buffalo West

Buffalo West by Herbert L Hilliard and published by amazon.com is a tale of two army scouts and the two women in whom they meet accidentally and take as mates. The outcome is unexpected and is sure to stimulate the reader's imagination. It is advised that one should have their boots on and their belts tighten before beginning the first paragraph of this book as its contents are both sexually spicy and sensuously suggestive.

Rape, abandonment, betrayal, hope, courage, and finally love are all key ingredients that make up the setting and circumstances of the characters involved in this western adventure. The background of the book is a period of American history in the old west some years after the Civil War and before the turn of the century.

The characters are ex-slaves, freemen, and white Americans. The setting is in one of the western states that is still in need of Army protection for settlers during the westward expansion. A mother and her daughter from the east is rescued and then assaulted by black army scouts (buffalo solders). The reader will experience the unpredictable chain of events that come about from this meeting and the final outcome of these main characters will be both shocking and surprising.

Forty six year old Anna and her nineteen year old daughter Lisa are uprooted from a peaceful social life in Boston by their husband and father to go west and start a new life for themselves but this vision is suddenly altered when Anna's husband falls under the painted lips charm of a small town saloon girl.

Betrayal, illness, abandonment, theft, rape and finally both mother and daughter experiencing romance as they are forced out on their own to fend for themselves in a new land is the intriguing tale of two strong independent women making their way against the odds and ninetieth century social norms. Get ready for a well-dressed ride as you explore the adventures of this amazon kindle ebook.


Paperback: $9.27 USD
Kindle: $9.27 USD

Special Offers $2.99 see details
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Author's Content Adviser: This book contains sexually explicit content.

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The Doctor and Thea

Paperback: $5.70 USD
Kindle: $5.70 USD
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The Doctor and Thea by Herbert L Hilliard and published by amazon.com is a story about a facial reconstruction surgeon who meets Thea as he makes his way back to his clinic. Thea is a burn victim and also a drug addict. When the doctor sees her he is inspired to take her under his care as a patient and finds himself also taking her under his care as a lover as well. This book touches on the subjects of addiction, professional ethics, and physical disabilities.

The main theme of the book is that there is hope and freedom if one is sincere and committed to improving their life, with a second theme of the book being, that there are good people in the world regardless of how troubled and violent it currently is and that sometimes even people with good intentions can make wrong choices and decisions and can be swept away by uncontrolled passions and desires.

This is the situation that the doctor ultimately finds himself faced with in his support of a certain woman as benevolence turns into romantic designs. You are in for an excellent reading experience within the pages of this book; so, buy it and find out what becomes of this relationship. You can rest assured that your time will be well invested in this amazon kindle ebook.

Lights and Reflections

Do you want to know your destiny and what it is that you should be doing and striving for as an individual within the human family while you are in your physical form? Are you afraid of dying because you believe that physical death is the finish of your existence? Have you ever wondered about the makeup of the Universe in which you live and if there are other beings that inhabit this dimension in our galaxy and beyond?

What should you be doing personally as a steward of the Planet Earth in regards to its ecosystem and all of its other life forms? How should you relate to other human beings and have them relate to you as an individual and as a member of society? Do you want to know what happens when you take off your earthly body and enter a new facet of life that is unblemished and incorruptible?

If you have any of these questions in your heart then this book is the one for you as it examines these probing questions, and much more, in an effort to comprehend and understand this phenomena that we call awareness and existence.

This book does not have any answers to these questions and do not make any suggestions on how you should think, behave, and live, as its purpose is to stir your imagination and arouse you to probe within yourself and come up with answers that best fit you and are a positive contribution to society.

It is not important that you agree with anything written within the pages of this book as it is a personal attempt to make some sense out of living life in this physical dimension and preparing oneself for the continuation of life upon the transformation into the next realm of realities.

Lights and Reflections by Herbert L Hilliard and published by amazon.com explores these topics and much more. I hope that you enjoy this amazon kindle ebook.

Paperback: $12.10 USD
Kindle: $12.10 USD
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