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Romance Novel: Triple Romancing - Plus Article

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Triple Romancing
Contemporary Short Romance Stories
Triple Romancing
Triple Romancing by Herbert L Hilliard and published by is a romance novel consisting of a selection of three contemporary short love stories that will grab the reader's attention from the first few paragraphs and keep the reader delighted throughout the remainder of the book.

These three short love stories are among the best romance stories online. They will amaze and tantalize the reader with they’re frankness that is explicit in every line of these three short love stories.

These tales are written in a steady and even flow of events that are nonetheless unpredictable and surprising as one moment leads to the next in a suspenseful wave of romance and passion. One can easily be swept up in the cloaks of passionate imaginations and fantasies by the tales that are portrayed in these three love stories. There is adventure and romance and the unexpected all encased within three random examples of how unpredictable life can be.

In Deloris and Stagecoach love comes by an unusual set of circumstances that are premeditated by a conscious human action to win a mate for love, sex, and companionship.

In Deloris and Stagecoach, the parties involved are strong willed people who have fixed ideas about themselves and are willing to take advantage of situations that come their way to promote those ideas.

In Deloris and Stagecoach, the process of dating is truncated by decisive actions and willful designs to accomplish romantic goals. The ends justify the means and in spite of taking a big chance on rejection and possible criminal prosecution acceptance wins out and love is born.

Coming is a satire about human nature and the evidence of evil. The young girl in the story is a caricature of the people of the Earth and all other beings in the Universe that have a like nature as Earth mortals. This is not a spiritual satire nor have anything to do with end time prophesy.

Do not miss out on the sensual experience and erogenous adventure that can be gained by the reading of these short romance stories. Read excerpts of all of the author's romance novels online for free before you buy.
Note: The contents of this book are explicit. This book is NOT for children.

Published by: CreateSpace
Date published: 12/25/2012
Edition: 1
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9781452852751
ISBN: 1481839454
Genre: Family & Relationships / Love & Romance
98 pages
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$7.93 Paperback
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Triple Romancing Excerpt

A most wonderful article
Language: English US
Genre: Love & Romance

Deloris Introduction

In the early 1900’s people in the United States had high hopes and expectations regarding their lifeway and fortunes, particularly the upper class.

Yes, everyone had visions of a better future for themselves and their families regardless of social and financial status.

People that thought sensibly knew that this better way of living had to start within themselves to bring their hopes and dreams into reality.

Many people lived by faith in a higher being or in other people to create positive changes in their standard of living while others were convinced that hard work and determination will eventually hit its desire mark on their lives.

Whatever the philosophy or methodology most people, in general, looked towards the new century with enthusiasm regarding their personal and national aspirations.

Living in this age are two young people from very different backgrounds in regards to the region of the country that they were raised, their social exposures, the influences of peers and families, the influences of society, not to mention sex and gender influences.

These individual influences have had a definite impact upon these two young people’s personality makeups and will dramatically show itself as they meet and interact.

What these two young people have in common is a sense of themselves as persons. Consistent with this is the style, behaviors, and mannerisms that they want to display as their means of broadcasting this sense of themselves.

They each have an innate desire to be upwardly mobile in regards to their spirituality, material comforts, financial standing, and their romantic relationships.

They come from two diverse upbringings and are brought together by a coincidence that neither of them had envisioned as being part of their journey into finding and proving themselves as an independent and self-relying person.

These two young people meet un-expectantly and form a personal bond without any predetermined efforts to do this on either of their parts. This is their story that brings about refreshing changes into both of their lives and creates a bond between them.

Deloris Chapter One

Intermittent thunderstorms have been continuous all day and into the night, heavy rains are pouring down from time to time.

Lying awake listening to the sound of the rain is Deloris who shares a room with two of her younger sisters.

A month earlier Deloris turned eighteen. The eldest of four girls, Deloris has five brothers, plus mother and father, that all live in the same house in a small basically poor black wood cutting community in the bayous of Mississippi.

Of the families that live in this wood cutting community Deloris’s household is considered to be one of the lower class families.

Her household is awarded this distinction mainly because of the human desire to feel better than other people and group people into classes.

Some of this sentiment may be justified because one of Deloris’s brothers is a rowdy, and two of the four girls can be assigned the same descriptive latitude.

Never having attended any schooling, Deloris is very smart in a natural sense and is pretty much the second mother in the household who takes care of all the others, particularly the youngest.

Deloris also find herself doing a good deal of the housework since her sisters feel that by her being the eldest girl it is her responsibility to aid her mother with all the chores.

Like nearly all of the families in the community, church service is very important to Deloris and her mother.

To some, it is the only activity that this community affords besides fishing, hunting, and gossiping. Speaking of which, the hot topic now is of a fancy high-class young man who has traveled from up north to find one of the local girls to become his bride.

Lying awake listening to the rain, Deloris is thinking about this fancy pants. She cannot quite figure out why a fancy young Negro would be coming all the way from up north to find a gal to marry, like there are no gals up there for him to choose from.

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Stagecoach Chapter One

The stagecoach is sidetracked by the mischief of a robbery and what is taken is not a bankroll but a young woman to spend the bitter winter months in the mountains with a lonely stranger.

Lori is on her way back to South Carolina after spending some months in the west that she seemed unable to adjust too.

There is a disappointment in her retreat because Lori felt that it was time for her to be on her own and returning to South Carolina would mean going back to live with her aunt and uncle.

Her aunt and uncle are good people that have raised her when her mother ran off when she was a babe and her father felt is best to send her to live with them.

Lori is a young woman now who has come of age and living under parental guidance had for some time now lost its taste to her.

Lori Lincoln is a fine looking young woman who is very self-willed but discipline. With some years of girl schooling back in South Carolina Lori is more educationally advanced than many of her counterparts that she has met while out west.

At least, twice a year Lori and her father corresponded by letter and it was a standing arrangement that at some point she would come and visit him.

Because of the separation, Lori knew very little about her father from personal experience. Since she was sent away while still a baby she had no memories of him that she could use to understand him.

However, Lori did have a little insight into his character from the letters that she got from him and from conversations with her aunt and uncle about him.

Lori’s desire to get to know her father on a personal level and her wanting to move out on her own gave her something to work towards.

Being the type of girl that she is Lori took work doing child sitting and helping her aunt in their store to save money for a western trip.

At nineteen Lori considered herself an adult. In the late eighteen-eighties this was generally accepted as being the case for a young lady of her age so her attitude did have precedence.

A year of high anticipation was mixed with frustration as Lori had saved more than enough money to make the trip west but corresponding with her father tested her patience as he was slow in preparing to receive her.

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Once upon a time in a location called here and in a time called now there lived in all the Earth but one righteous soul.

On no day in particular out of a bright spec in a sunlit sky, a dove appeared with a twig leaf lush and green in its beak.Once upon a time in a location called here and in a time called now there lived in all the Earth but one righteous soul.

On no day in particular out of a bright spec in a sunlit sky, a dove appeared with a twig leaf lush and green in its beak.

These things we know to be founded in truth because in all the Earth there is but one righteous soul.

The task of the absorption is to rule with fists of iron and to entangle the mind with chains of steel.

And so it is that as the young woman nursed the child from her breasts that a covenant with death and a contract with hell is signed with a seal and a promise that is made by oath and confirmed by a pledge.

On no day in particular out of a bright spec in the sunlit sky, a dove with a twig in beak appeared from a long ago past, the present, and the future.

And so from the womb of the young woman, the same who also nursed her infant child at her breasts, a glorious man of persuasion and genius is given unto the Earth.

This one will distinguish himself as a righteous man of terror, demolition, and intrigues.

His coming onto the cosmic stage by sexually forcing himself upon the very woman who birth and nursed him at her breasts is his seal of vice.

Out of that unseemly act even yet another child is housed within her womb which she brings forth at the proper time ascribed by desolation and waste.

So now it can be said that out of the same womb many like-minded rebels wash against the shore of the terrestrial inhabitants and loot them all of their vital parts.

In a location called actual and in a time called present there is but one righteous soul in all of the Earth who came from the woman while she was in her tender youth.
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Article: Why Is There No Peace and Happiness for Mortals on the Earth?

In a time and in a dimension long ago and now, Demiurge (the creator god) and the supreme Mother of Light that resides in the eighth heaven begat a child called Sabaoth (the god of the Jews) to rule the seventh heaven. Sabaoth then begat Abaddon (the devil, Satan).

Sabaoth placed the devil on the Earth, which reside in one of the lower of the seven heavens of the Archons to rule. The soul of humans is the food that the Archons cannot live without.

Demiurge was not pleased that Sabaoth should place Abaddon on the Earth without conferring with him and ordered Sabaoth to remove the devil from the Earth.

Both Sabaoth and Abaddon made every effort to convince Demiurge that a demented and horrific seed were now beginning to sprout in the minds of their worshippers (the Jews and Arabs) that will keep the Earth at its lowest state of radiance and in a constant state of turmoil.

Sabaoth also argued that the heavens are fixed in their place and that no heaven should be allowed to ascend to a higher level of presence. In all council, Abaddon agreed with his father until the patience of Demiurge began to wax very thin of hearing them.

It is when Demiurge was reaching the end of his endurance in hearing the arguments of Sabaoth and Abaddon for fixed heavens that the supreme Mother of light intervened.

Using light, the supreme Mother of light rejuvenated the failing spirit of Demiurge from being persuaded by the arguments of Sabaoth and Abaddon that the heavens should remain fixed and ordered Abaddon to leave the Earth.

Both Sabaoth and Abaddon fell into a rage over this order by Demiurge and sought to kill the supreme Mother of light that dwells in the eighth heaven and have great power and influence over all the heavens and their seats and powers.

Leaving their place in the seventh heaven Sabaoth and Abaddon entered the eighth heaven in the guise of crawling things that slip into a house through cracks in its walls.

The design of Sabaoth was to rape, sodomize, and then kill the supreme Mother of light (his mother), whereas, Abaddon simply wanted to kill her (his grandmother) and take her head back to the seventh heaven as a trophy.

Neither Sabaoth nor Abaddon took into account that the supreme Mother of light is complete awareness and knew of their devilish scheme even before they set out to commit it.

With just a little power the supreme Mother of light demolished both Sabaoth and Abaddon without bruising a fingernail. She then sealed Sabaoth with unremitting lying lips and chained Abaddon to his worshipers (the Jews and Arabs) with a band that cannot be broken.

After this, the supreme Mother of light cast Sabaoth and Abaddon out of her sight by binding them to the Earth and fastening them to their worshippers (the Jews and Arabs) until the time of the beginning when she will refresh the heavens and root out all imperfections that are within it.

Degraded and defaced by the supreme Mother of light, Sabaoth and Abaddon sought to become a terror on the inhabitants of the Earth and fill every hour of their lives with conflicts and misery. But the supreme Mother of light placed a shield around the inhabitants of the Earth that Sabaoth and Abaddon could not penetrate.

At that time a fine mist watered the land and the people were as huge as giants with radiant skin and muscles bulging from without and within. Their building tools were their thoughts and with their thoughts they could move from here to there.

In a garden that was very pleasant a woman by the name of Eve lived. This garden was set apart from the rest of the world because Eve was a special build that was to live and bring forth fruits without mixture.

On a sunny day, Eve closed her eyes and brought forth a man from between her legs.

Demiurge gathered the man that Eve created and took him away, only to bring him back in a moment of time to be the mate that Eve will engage to populate the Earth with her kind.

The man of Eve was of age when Demiurge brought him back to her and Demiurge shielded Eve’s mind from the remembrance that the man had come forth from her.

In the evening of the day, Sabaoth would approach Eve and tell her of the wonders of the seven heavens and how she could partake of these wonders if she would mate with him.

Eve enjoyed hearing of the wonders of the seven heavens but felt that his proposition to mate with him was repugnant. Day after day Sabaoth approached Eve with many pleasantries of words but could not persuade her to mate with him.

At this point Eve had not been given to the man in marriage, that would come when another event happened that compelled Demiurge to expel both Eve and the man from the pleasant garden and fend for themselves.

Also at this point, the Jews and Arabs were still in the loins of Sabaoth and were not yet manifest on Earth in the flesh. Abaddon also desired the woman Eve yet kept still as Sabaoth attempted to woo her.

Now it came that on a certain day Eve decided that she wanted to know everything and charmed the man into going down with her on this quest for knowledge. Upon seeing what Eve had done Demiurge promptly told her to pack her bags and get out of the garden.

After referring to the supreme Mother of light about Eve, Demiurge persuaded her into removing her shield of protection from Eve as punishment for her disobedience. As Eve is the first, by default the shield of protection was also removed from the man.

Some timei after being sent from the garden Eve and the man got into a heated disagreement concerning who was in charge. In anger, Eve walked in one direction and the man in another so that they may catch their breaths and cool off.

Both Sabaoth and Abaddon was intently observing this confrontation between Eve and the man and when the two went in different directions to cool their tempers Sabaoth confronted Eve along the way with soothing words of support and encouragements.

Now that the shield of protection was gone from her the foolish words of Sabaoth started to make a little more sense to Eve.

As far as looks go, Sabaoth was definitely not a second glance but he possessed the gift of gab that caused one to take note of him.

Now remember that the supreme Mother of light had sealed Sabaoth with an exceedingly lying mouth and his lies were so convincing in their recital that they could easily be digested as being nothing else but the truth.

At this point, Eve was still in her innocence as far as knowledge and experience were concerned and she still had a very trusting spirit.

The concept of being told an untruth was as alien to Eve as the demands of the man that he should be on top of her during copulation.

Hearing their voices Abaddon came closer so that he may eavesdrop on Eve and Sabaoth. Hiding behind a tree Abaddon watched with horror as Sabaoth discreetly placed a hand on one of Eve’s thighs and slowly begin to caress it.

Alerted by the touch of his hand Eve pushed Sabaoth in the chest to get him away from her. Eve then reminded Sabaoth that it was unlawful for him to do such a thing as it is not permitted that different beings should mix.

Sabaoth told Eve that that law only applied when she was in the garden and that she can greatly increase her knowledge by copulating with him.

Eve was not convinced by these words and turned her face from Sabaoth and walked away. Although technically still a babe, Eve seem to possess an insight that will be a challenge to him, Sabaoth pondered as he watched Eve walking away.

Sabaoth turned abruptly to face the sound of footsteps that he heard approaching him while he studiously watched Eve walking away. It was Abaddon coming near with a grand grimace aimed towards Sabaoth on his face.

A heated argument ensued between Sabaoth and Abaddon over Eve. Abaddon proclaimed that he is in love with Eva, whereas, Sabaoth only wants to use her for his pleasure.

Sabaoth sought to force his authority over Abaddon but Abaddon rebelled against his father because of his jealousy and lust for Eve.

Sabaoth and Abaddon quickly engaged into hand-to-hand combat and Abaddon prevailed over his father.

As a prize for his victory over Sabaoth, Abaddon took over the control of the Jews and Arabs but granted Sabaoth the guardianship of their mouths.

After much beseeching to Demiurge and the supreme Mother of light, Sabaoth was eventually permitted to return to the seventh heaven but was given a much lower rank than before.

On a certain day, Abaddon disguised himself as an angel of light and approached Eve when she was alone.

Before Eve’s eyes, Abaddon shape-shifted between a glorious heavenly being and a creature of the Earth that Eve was very familiar with, a serpent that was mystical in its appearance.

Eve became mesmerized by the form transitions of Abaddon that started slowly and increased in pace as they talked. Eve had never seen such a thing before and it hypnotized her as it dazzled her.

Abaddon’s low, deep voice was like the rhythm section to his form transitions that increased in tempo with each change in form.

Eve was so absorbed by what she was experiencing that she was unaware that Abaddon was steadily inching closer to her. Then a cry of fright and pain echoed through the trees and the barren land as Abaddon viciously seized Eve and sexually assaulted her.

Hearing the cries of Eve, the supreme Mother of light opened a window to other dimensions and screamed in horror upon seeing the ghastly sight of her daughter being sexually violated by Abaddon.

Nothing such as this had ever happened in the heavens before and all eyes were shocked into stillness upon seeing and hearing this gruesome affront to personal dignity that was taking place on the Earth.

“Forever cursed are you and your worshippers this day for the vile inflict that you have inflicted upon my precious daughter Eve Abaddon.

You have bruised her heel bitterly but she will smash your head into pieces and scatter you where no one can find you.” Said the supreme Mother of light, and continued.

“For a moment you and your disciples will rule the Earth, and after that, Eve will lay her hands on you and you will plead for a way of escape but Eve will violate you with a magnificent violation and then turn you into ashes from within.

You do exceedingly great damage to many, and cry like a baby when you are hurt." Says the supreme Mother of light.

"Your weeping and your moaning will avail you nothing except the terrible vengeance of Eve when her appointed hour falls upon you and she rips your ears from their drums. Have a good day because the Sun is setting on you and no more will you ever be known in the heavens above and the hell below."

This is the judgment that the supreme Mother of light pronounced on Abaddon and his worshippers (Jews and Arabs) for the accursed thing that he has done.

And this is why there is no peace and happiness for mortals on the Earth, for now, because Eve is damn mad that the children of the Earth have allowed the lying mouth and the partisans of the devil to persuade and have rule over them. Her enmity toward Abaddon is a smoldering furnace that embraces the world that he governs.

Eve know every one of her children by their name and their number and she wants all of her peoples to know that the followers of the Torah and the Koran are blasphemies that were forced upon her by the malevolence of their ruler Abaddon, and therefore, are not of her but of a parasite that wormed its way inside of her.

On a day that is here and not quite yet, Eve will place the garment that she wore when she was desecrated by Abaddon over the Earth, and when she pulls it away, the garment and the Earth will be cleansed and unspoiled as never before.

At that time there will be peace and happiness on the Earth and all of its creatures will wax beautifully.

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