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Buffalo West

Buffalo West
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Buffalo West

Buffalo West by Herbert L Hilliard and published by is an American love story about two army scouts and the two women in whom they meet accidentally and take as mates.

The outcome is unexpected and is sure to stimulate the reader's imagination. It is advised that one should have their boots on and their belts tighten before beginning the first paragraph of this book as its contents are both sexually spicy and sensuously suggestive.

Note: The contents of this book are very explicit. This is an adult romance novel NOT FOR CHILDREN.

Book Details

Herbert Leon Hilliard, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author
Published by: CreateSpace
Date published: 06/26/2010
Edition: 1
Language: English US
ISBN-13: 9781452847719
ISBN: 1452847711
Genre: Drama / General
265 pages
Currency USD
$11.90 Paperback
$11.90 EBook
Kindlematchbook Price:$2.99
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Cherubim’s in The East

Cherubim’s in The East - The Real Story of Eve in the garden of Eden
Published May 8, 2017 2018-05-08

So, what are we saying here? We are saying that the celestial-terrestrial female Eve is on a higher level of consciousness’s than the terrestrial man Adam because Adam was formed solely of water and earth and Eve was formed from air, earth, fire, and water and given birth to by the female essence of the Godhead. Adam and Eve’s mental and physical abilities were far beyond modern humans to the extent that if they were to appear today many people would believe them to be Gods, and Eve’s mental abilities were much higher than Adam’s because she was a direct birth of the Godhead.

By default, the male essence of the Godhead has both bad and good character traits, and likewise, the female essence of the Godhead also has good and bad character traits. The fullness of the Godhead is one unique being embodying both male and female aspects in its quintessence making a whole. The fullness of the Godhead does not waver but is steadfast in all its ways, however, the two personality traits of the male essence and the female essence of the Godhead may not be congruous in all matters at all times.

In the cool of a certain day the Lord God was casually walking in the garden of Eden and saw Eve not that far away. Eve was sitting quietly as birds gently dressed her hair with flower peddles and stems. All the vegetation was feeding luxuriously on the electromagnetic glow of Eve's natural radiance that flowed through them like a song from her lips. Groups of different animals sat around Eve as if listening to an intriguing story being told by her. Eve heard a sound coming from the east of her and turned her head to investigate its source.

fireWoman Standing not that far from Eve was the Godhead transfixed and glaring wondrously upon her. Eve smiled in greetings to her visitor, and then, Eve casually blinked her eyes at which the bad boy personality of the Godhead became sexually intoxicated with her in that very instant and made up its mind, at that very moment, to find an excuse to run the man out of the garden of Eden to prevent him from being in contact with Eve.

The ruler has not the slightest hesitations in breaking or amending the rules that have been made, and even though the created are given individuality and freedom of choice the creator can infringe upon this and not be taken before a court, and even if it were the creator is the prosecuting attorney, the defense attorney, the judge, and the jury, in other words, the court will be overwhelmingly rigged and fixed to rule in the creator’s favor.

Most people teach that the Cherubim’s had flaming swords in their hands to guard the east of the garden of Eden, but from the above verses it seems clear that the Cherubim’s and the flaming sword were two separate components arrayed against Adam and Eve to slaughter them if either one of them made the slightest move to reenter the garden of Eden and take food from the tree of life.

Now there are those who say that Adam and Eve were forced out of the garden of Eden after disobeying a specific command because a merciful God did not want them to have access to the tree of life which is the cosmic database and live forever in a sinful, corrupt state of being by eating of its food, which is celestial Knowledge and understandings.

Now if God is the huff and puff of everything that is, could he not have simply taken Adam and Eve out to the woodshed and given them both a spanking and then regenerated them back into shining beings with the admonition that they should not do that again?

Instead, this supposed Omnibenevolent God chose to allow death, cruelty, violence, greed, and the list of depravities goes on, to have mastery of the moral conscious of man and woman and disfigure and degrade the planet Earth along with them. Could it be that the other being that God was discussing the antics of Adam and Eve with is the other character trait of the one God, which for convenience is given the title of Satan, to distinguish the good attributes of God from the not so good ones?

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