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Death by Omission

In a far off land where rewards are given the Prince stands counting the heads of those who are allotted the gifts of fruitfulness, abundance, and success in earthly life. The joy of the festivities is most profitable for all involved in this ceremony of grace and promise.

The Prince is so radiant that none can look upon him. Beings from throughout the realms have gathered to be witnesses and to share in the joyfulness of those counted fashionable to receive jeweled spirits.

Jubilation and ecstasy are the rejoicings of untold many as they receive their crowns and are then transported to Earth to begin their journey in this new sphere of realities.

One by one they approach the sparkling warmth of the Prince who gives them each unique names and celestial numbers that will henceforth identify them within the brilliance. When each one who is chosen is received by the Prince a loud roar of exhilaration comes from every entity present at this ceremony of life.

Gladness is unadulterated and love is virtuous and innocent. The cord is cut from the vine so that it may take root in a land that has been specially formed for it to inhabit while it remains in the carnal sphere of realities. Material prosperity is touchable as wealth is dispensed without favor and affluence is the richness of all to possess.

The Prince takes great pleasure in touching the heads of those counted as being unselfish, caring, and compassionate curators of their new home and all that dwells within, above, and on it.

One by one those who have been allotted the gifts of fruitfulness, abundance, and success in earthly life are given a hug and a kiss by the Prince. After obtaining their gifts those that have been chosen are lovingly conveyed to their new home wrapped within watery sheets of brightness. A Sheppard can only guide and lead a sheep that is willing to follow. One who sleeps above and beyond need will be bypassed by opportunities.

A certain one stepped out of line because that one is missing a staunch, resolute mind. That one wants to be paid without labor even if that labor is simply standing in line. That one missed the presentation of gifts and came to Earth a loser and a has-been even before the watery sheets washed this one ashore.

Life and plenty are given to all and many squander it. Life and plenty are given to a certain one and that one stepped out of line and received far less than allotted.

That one should have gained the fullness of carnal life but instead became the partaker of death by omission. Not the omission of the glistening Prince who looks upon all with loving eyes. But the omission that is embedded in a mind that crawls instead of walks. The omission of a mind that walks instead of runs.

The omission of a mind that floats instead of swimming. The omission of a mind that sleeps when it should be wide awake. The omission of a mind that does not mind perspiration and blisters if that is what it takes to win the day.

This is the death by omission that a certain one now simply survives in the carnal instead of living in the flesh.

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