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Debunking All Modern Claimants That Are Calling Themselves the Authentic Israelite's

There is a creepy phenomenon that has been prevalent in Christian influenced societies for centuries and that is the boastful assertion by an assortment of many persuasions who claim themselves to be the descendants of a vague group of people known as Hebrews and Israelite’s.

The core of this zeal to be a Hebrew or an Israelite that people of Christian influence is possessed with is the stipulation in the Christian Bible that the Israelite's are god’s chosen people who have been set apart from all other people that inhabit the planet Earth to receive special favors and blessings, and by default, rule over others.

But what of these Hebrews and Israelite's that every ma and pa kettle that has read the Christian Bible want to claim heritage too? The origin of the term Hebrew is unknown, however, the first instance of it in the Christian Bible is in Genesis Chapter fourteen where it reads, "And there came one that had escaped, and told Abram the Hebrew;" (Genesis 14:13 KJV).

Abram lived in Canaan and his nephew Lot lived in what is now Jordan. The boundary marker that separated the two kin was the Jordan river and because of this some have concluded that the term Hebrew means "ever," which means "opposite side," suggesting that Abram stood on the opposite side of the world in that he worshiped only one god while everyone else worshiped many gods or that he simply lived on the opposite side of the Jordan river. See: Who-Are-the-Hebrews

So, what does the name Israel mean? Per so-called scholars, the name Israel means "Triumphant with God", or "who prevails with God" which is the name that was given to Jacob, a descendant of Abram, after a supposed incident in which he wrestled all night with a mysterious man.

People calling themselves Jews are saying that they are the descendants of Abram through Jacob(Israel). Whether any of this is true, who cares? But there are many people who are sincere about being known as a Hebrew, and an Israelite, and a Jew, to the extent that they are more than willing to argue and fight about it.

Since so many modern claimants are calling themselves the true Israelite’s do any of them have any merit to their claim? Now we know from historical records that a group of people known as Israelite’s did exist in the land of Canaan at one time as well as a group of people known as the Philistines.

Over the centuries the people known as the Philistines disappeared completely from the historical records and from the family of nations, so what happened to them? Stronger military powers crushed the Philistine city-states and transplanted many of the Philistine survivors throughout their domain and the other people that were left behind mixed and infused with the surrounding peoples, thus, no more Philistines as a distinct culture and people.

The Hebrews, Israelite's, Jews, whatever you want to call them were admonished time and again by their god not to mix with the people that surrounded them nor worship any of their gods, and time and again the Hebrews, Israelite's, Jews, disobeyed the command of their god and mingled with the original inhabitants of Canaan both in wedlock and worship.

Because of their disobedience, the god of Israel let their enemies subdue them hoping that would bring them back to worshiping it, and it did for a while, but always the Israelite's would revert to lusting after the women, and the men, and the gods of the people who lived in the land of Canaan before them. Fed up with this rollercoaster ride the god of the Israelite’s used the Romans to utterly vanquish and disperse them from the land of Canaan.

This is the tale of two peoples cohabiting in a small region that vanished from history and the family of nations. The first to go were the Philistines as today no trace can be found of them as a distinct culture and people. The next to go were the Hebrews, Israelite's, Jews, who likewise have disappeared from the historical records as a distinct culture and people.

The Israelite's that stayed in Canaan after the Romans ransacked the region mixed and mingled with other people living there. The Israelite's that went into Europe mixed and mingled with the people living there as well. Thus, no more Israelite’s as a distinct culture and people although the religion was kept but has been grossly distorted by the infusion of other religious doctrines into it.

All the modern claimants to be the true descendants of the Hebrews, Israelite's, Jews, have a deranged superiority complex base on the "chosen People" doctrine and the teachings of a nut case (Charles Robert Darwin) that is driving them to flush their minds full of fantasies and unrealities.

The funny caps calling themselves Jews that now control and terrorize Canaan are of European Descent and may only be minutely related to the original Hebrews because they may have one of the originals at the top of their family tree, and legitimizes their identity theft by using a very corrupt form of the Jewish religion and a language they called modern Hebrew that was invented in the 1800’s.

It is not that I personally care about Hebrews, Israelite's, or Jews. It is just that we people of the first born (so-called black people) have a very rich and vibrant history of our own, indeed we have many histories as we spread out over the planet creating many civilizations, so we do not have to insult ourselves by claiming someone else's identity, "let those other folks do that."

Our problem is that we foolishly let other people define who and what we are and give us a history to their own liking. We need to pick up shovels and go into the trenches and find ourselves. We have an entire planet to work with because our ancestors built cultures and civilizations worldwide, and I know that many of us do not believe this because we have allowed ourselves to be brainwashed into believing that we are the least and the lowest of the family of nations.

The Christian Bible and the Muslim Quran is not of us and transforms us into being and thinking in a manner that we are not. We immensely hit the skids as a people when we began selling ourselves, first to the Arabs, and then to the Europeans, and we have not recovered from that ghastly mistake in judgment yet.

Our leaders of the time deliberately made a mammoth mistake by selling their own, a colossal soar into abject stupidity that has unleashed a vast array of negative consequences upon us from generation to generation, but we will not cry all over ourselves because of this as some people bent annoyed eardrums wailing over a so-called holocaust.

But that is another topic that needs to be discussed within the hearts and minds of the beloved individually and collectively so that we may rise above and beyond our present state and be the people that we were designed to be. So, let's briefly recap the topic of this article.

No people today this side of hell on earth is a descendant of Hebrews, Israelite's, or Jews as they no longer exist as a distinct group of people because they were assimilated into other people's when the Romans destroyed the Roman province of Judea and scattered the Israelite's that they did not enslave or kill throughout the Roman Empire.

The closest people to being genuine descendants of the Hebrews, Israelite's, or Jews are scattered in isolated pockets of Southern Africa, Ethiopia, and Yemen, and all other would-be claimants need to shut their mouths and go to bed.

Trying to create and then live a lie is an enormous headache. You become a slave enchained within the lie of your own making and must always be on guard because you know that sooner or later your lie will be exposed. You degrade yourself by taking on someone else's identity and can never reach your full potentials because you have draped yourself into an illusion that wreaks havoc on your true essence.

Do not be like them that steal and lie just for the sake of lying and stealing. Get out of yourself and be yourself as the fragrance of a full life has perfumed you to be. Realize that you and yours are not your enemies, so stop making mean faces at them.

Hebrews, Israelite's, Jews have had their moment in history and were assimilated out of existence because they mixed and mangled and lost their identity as a people in the process. Our past leaders would not raise beyond the tribal consciousness and so they had no qualms about selling their own kind to aliens.

But be that as it may, today is here and the people have a suppressed greatness that yells to be awakened from a death sleep which will come about by a change in our thinking and a brave and courageous heart, one person at a time, until the basket is full and spills over into a deliciously new and powerful nation.

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