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Developed in a Lab. Silent and Hideous in its Relentless Assaults. (AKA -HIV and AIDS)

Developed in a lab. Let loose on the general public by blunder during its research and development processes. Silent and hideous in its relentless assaults. Its cure being one of its main requirements during research and development.

The cure not being released because it now makes billions of dollars a year for certain interest groups. HIV and AIDS is a genetics weapon devised and developed in the United States of America that escaped from the lab before it was officially cleared for deployment.

HIV and AIDS were designed for deployment against specific groups of people as part of a global plan to reduce the world’s human population by killing off those human elements that have been deemed undesirable by the ruling class.

HIV and AIDS do not get in the news as it used to because it has now been classified as being only one of the many human diseases that has been brought under control by medication.

Laboratories in all of the Western nations, especially in the United States of America, are hard at work contriving and then placing into research and development the next generations of genetics weaponry to be deployed upon the public.

As with HIV and AIDS, some of these genetic weapons will inadvertently escape from the labs before they are officially released for distribution upon the designated groups of people that have been appointed for devastation and annihilation.

Also, as with many research and development projects, during calculated points throughout the project’s development, the latest stage, or version, of the genetic weapon will intentionally be released into the targeted populous in order to gauge its kill power and its sickness and infection properties as a means to improve its effectiveness before its final release as an agent of mass human destruction on those specifically targeted groups of people with acceptable occurrences of collateral damage to non-targeted groups.

The research and development teams of these genetics weapons fully realized that when they released certain strains of their experimental weapons upon the public, regardless of how targeted that public is, there will be a certain amount of collateral damage inflicted upon non-targeted groups of people. This fallout can be tolerated as long as it can be kept at the lower social and economic levels of the non-targeted populous.

What these developers are doing is not some type of grand conspiracy orchestrated by some vague group of people reclining on velvet seat cushions. This assault on humans is orchestrated by the planet Earth itself as a module of its cyclic mass extinction events.

Some self-serving elements of humans have misinterpreted the house cleaning messages of the Earth and have even distorted these messages into being an all-exclusive event targeting only certain groups and types of people on the planet for complete eradication from the human species.

People are dying and suffering because some lab in the United States of America became lax in its safeguards and allowed certain strains of the HIV and AIDS virus to escape into the general public. Once these HIV and AIDS strains were no longer under controlled conditions they began to mutate when they came into contact with many different body types and human habits and temperaments.

The cure, or counter agent, that was developed in the lab as a requirement of this genetics weapon research and development processes was quickly tweaked by the teams that developed it within months after new data began pouring in from different healthcare organizations and services. The consensus by these research teams was to see how far the HIV and AIDS virus will go at this stage of its development and not release the counter agent.

When bundles of money began pouring in to find a cure for HIV and AIDS, and for its medications and treatments, the counter agent for the HIV and AIDS virus that had been developed in the labs were swiftly placed on a shelf because temporal wealth has a much higher value attached to it than mere human life and suffering.

Developed in a lab. Let loose on the general public by blunder during its research and development processes. Silent and hideous in its relentless assaults. HIV and AIDS are now classified as a disease to hide its real purpose as being one of many biological weapons that are being produced by the Western nations to drastically reduce the human population of the planet Earth.

The master race has an agenda that is diligently being carried out by a spirit of pride, fear, and one that hates. The upper crust of Western society believe that they are being guided by the spirit of the Earth that moans for relief from the relentless screeches of a humongous number of humans trampling its soils, sky, and waters, being so full of it as to honestly believe that the planet Earth is a respecter of person and really consider one fleabag as being better than another.

There was, and is, a cure for HIV and AIDS when it was first developed in a lab in the United States of America. The United States of America could have easily blockaded Japan into surrender during World War II, but instead the United States of America preferred to test the effects of its newly developed weapon upon the general Japanese public to gauge its human kill power and its eco-system and biological side-effects.

The planet Earth will turn the so-called intelligence of current humans against them so that it may be free of this variety of humanoid leeches for all time. The planet Earth has performed this head chopping procedure on disagreeable humanoids many times before throughout its long history, and will by no means spare this current species of repugnant humanoids from extinction.

The planet Earth is swept clean of its most recent humanoid birth. The Earth’s eco-system is rejuvenated of the contaminations inflicted upon it by selfish and senseless creatures. All of the other living creatures of the planet Earth now have elbow room to increase and enjoy their lives with the adulterated infestation of humanoids gone.

HIV and AIDS victims had long before taken a back seat, when current humanoid types were still around, to new strains of genetic weapons that were released to test their effectiveness on the amount of governmental turmoil and human misery that they could cause and revenue that they could produce.

The day and the moment of the open mouth are closed. So-called intelligent life on planet Earth has intellectualized itself into oblivion and is completely forgotten as ever being in existence. In a moment the planet Earth will give birth to another humanoid species only to be wiped out as all before it has.

This is not a reflection on the Earth so don’t even attempt to bad mouth this magnificent celestial beauty because all of its humanoid species are born with free will and will do as they will do regardless of where the spirit of the Earth wants to move them.

The developers of HIV and AIDS chimpanzee and laughingstock themselves into believing that they are doing Western society a vital service by killing off the undesirable human elements. They give themselves Nobel prizes in physics, biology, and genetics and hefty pats on the backs for their comedic achievements in understanding the cosmic cryptic. It is all said and it is all done.

HIV and AIDS victims of this focused and deliberate biological terrorism stratagem perpetrated by the would-be guardians of Western values and White womanhood will not have the last laugh, but the planet Earth and all of its many other life forms will have an ecstatic and euphoric time of it when this current species of humanoids get their comeuppance.

Hah, Hah, Hah, a laugh a second as the planet Earth and all of its many other life forms celebrate death, renewal, and new birth when its sends this present age of humanoids to their demise.

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