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Fatally Pathetic

Fatally Pathetic - The Story of an Ill-fated Conception
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Fatally Pathetic

This is a tragic and brief autobiography. Many people may be able to relate to this story.

Those who have experienced disaffection in the family, abuse drugs, are infected with HIV, have a feeling of sexual inadequacy, and who make every effort to grow and achieve but always come up short will feel right at home reading my story because it may be a carbon copy of their own.

Note: The subject matter of this biography May Not Be Appropriate For Children.

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Herbert Leon Hilliard, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author
Published by: CreateSpace
Date published: 03/02/2015
Edition: 1
Language: English US
ISBN-13: 978-1508701583
ISBN: 150870158X
64 pages
Language: English
Genre: Biography & Autobiography / Personal memoirs
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$6.50 Paperback
$6.50 EBook
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Cherubim’s in The East

Cherubim’s in The East - The Real Story of Eve in the garden of Eden
Published May 8, 2017 2018-05-08

There are also those that say that this not so nice God side (Satan) disguised itself as a being that Eve saw every day (a serpent) and tantalized her by speaking to her to take her off guard so that it can transition back into its natural form and sexually assault her repeatedly resulting in Eve being impregnated by it.

These, those, some, and them that I am referring to are the so-called preachers of the gospel that I have heard running their mouths over the years through various forms of communications mediums. Adam was forced out of the garden of Eden because Eve had now taken on the attributes of a God in her own right because of being merged into the life forces of the devilish personality of the Godhead and could not be ordered around by the full Godhead anymore.

It should be remembered that the fullness of the Godhead gave birth to Eve which made her a demigod, and when the male bad boy essence of the Godhead copulated with her Eve took on even more of the attributes of the Godhead because the female essence of the Godhead was pouring more of her spirit into Eve as her male self sexually ravaged the child of her birth. The female element of the Godhead had to do this for Eve's sake because although Eve was a demigod the unimaginable power of the Godhead would have surely killed Eve during copulation if her birth mother had not intervened by strengthening Eve with her spirit.

Eve found herself at a crossroad because she was far more than a terrestrial, of a higher order than a demigod, and not fully a god. But instead of accepting the tremendous attributes of being a near God that had been forced upon her by the actions of the bad boy self of the Godhead, Eve decided to leave the garden of Eden with Adam feeling that it would be far better to be wandering in the wilderness with him than to be in a pristine garden in the company of a biform Godhead that may turn sex-crazed on her at a moment’s notice.

One of the primary duties of the Cherubim is to be the attendants of God and the movers and bearers of the divine throne. No doubt that the Cherubim’s are leaps and bounds beyond mere mortals and that Adam and Eve fell into a much lower state of being when they disobeyed God, even so, why did God only use attendants (his army reserve) to guard the east of the garden of Eden instead of active duty troops?

The answer to that question is very simple. The Godhead was divided in its sentiments concerning Eve. The bad boy personality of the Godhead hoped that Eve would have a change of heart about leaving the garden of Eden once she began to experience the discomfort and the pain of cobblestones hurting the bottom of her feet as she walked.

Thus, even though the troops that were deployed to guard the east entrance to the garden of Eden were powerful beings they lacked combat experience and was deliberately chosen by the God side that lusted after Eve for that reason.

To counter this the good boy side of the Godhead also deployed a flaming sword which turned every way as a compliment to the foot and winged soldiers on duty. Eve did not return to the garden of Eden and her story simply faded away in the biblical genealogical records.

The child of the full Godhead that Eve gave birth to became a fable that is known as Adam’s first wife. Eve’s daughter Lilith is neither God, Messenger, nor mortal. Lilith hovers amid the divine and the mortal and have been given the assignment by both male personalities of the Godhead to trouble her mother and her mother’s seed as much as possible throughout the generations.

So, what are the indisputable facts that we have learned from this brief presentation?

One: The biform Godhead is one being having two distinct personalities that confer, oppose, compliment, and sustain one another.

Two: Eve was not ordered out of the garden of Eden but voluntarily chose to do so as a show of support and commitment towards Adam.

Three: The Northern, Southern, and Western boundaries of the garden of Eden were surrounded or enclosed by something that made it unnecessary for guards to be posted in those areas to prevent Adam and Eve from reentering the garden of Eden and eating the food of the tree of life.

Four: The bad boy personality of the biform Godhead disguised itself as a serpent to lull Eve into a sense of tranquility whereupon it took advantage of her trust and sedateness to sexually ravage her repeatedly in the garden of Eden and impregnate her with a daughter that is neither god nor mortal, and at the same time, both God and mortal.

Five: The Cherubim’s deployed to prevent Adam and Eve from reentering the garden of Eden were attendants and not hardcore combat troops and they did not have flaming swords in their hands.

Six: The flaming sword, which turned every way, stationed as a compliment to the foot and winged soldiers guarding the east of the garden of Eden was advanced God-tech military hardware.

Seven: Eve did not return to the garden of Eden and restrained the Godhead from having any more sexual access to her by playing both sides of God’s personality against itself and using the female essence of the biform Godhead to strengthen her.

lilith Eight: In anger, the male essence of the Godhead ordered his daughter that he raped on Eve (Lilith) to trouble her mother and her mother’s seed from generation to generation.

Nine: When the mortal Eve transitioned into the next dimension she regained her God state of being and is recruiting a select group of her children from generation to generation that have transitioned from matter air into air only, and is forming them into a mighty army which she will lead against the male essence of the Godhead to avenge what was done to her on a cool day in the garden of Eden, and remove her daughter Lilith from under the male Godhead’s influences.

Ten: The Lord God has two distinct personalities, one producing good and the other producing not so good temperaments, and that the not so good side of the mind of God is the disposition that has the most sway on the minds of the Earth’s people in all the Earth’s ages.

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