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Generational Curse (Fact or Fiction)

Some time back a telephone prophet told my sister that our family had a generational curse on it. She asked me if I believed if that were true or not when that subject came up as we were reminiscing about our family past.

Based solely upon my life it would seem that I personally have some type of decision and choice making curse on me that causes me to make above average bad choices and decisions.

As vivid proof that I may personally be cursed, I have consistently experienced many of my goals, dreams, and aspirations plummet into an unrealized flop no matter my efforts to make a success of them.

Yet even with the habitual fallout of my personal endeavors as my historical resume I nonetheless told my sister that I do not believe in such a thing as a family generational curse.

Of course, the answer that this telephone prophet gave my sister to have this generational curse lifted from her was for her to buy prayers from him upon which he guaranteed that in no time she would be free from such a curse if she faithfully adhered to the prayers that she purchased from him as he dutifully sent them to her.

My suggestion to my sister was that I personally would not buy these prayers from him because I do not believe in such a thing as a family generational curse and left it at that for her to make her own decision as to what she would do in response to this telephone prophet’s assessment of the problem and his remedy for it.

With that said, I do believe that such thing as a curse can exist but only if a person believes it to exist and thereby give power to an illusory phantom that they have allowed to take up residence within their minds.

From the mind comes the endorsement of irrational beliefs and self-induced bugaboos. This, of course, takes into consideration that undesirable things in our lives do happen and we can’t always get our way in everything no matter how much we want it and/or think that we deserve it.

There is also the matter of justice in that one may struggle to succeed and never make it to where they want to go because they have committed offenses against others that a much higher court than the terrestrial courts have found them guilty of and have sentenced them to habitually making unsound judgments.

In my case, I really believe that the wrongs that I have done to others are the source of why I can’t seem to get where I want to be and why I routinely make above average bad choices and decisions and not some gremlin called a family generational curse.

So what is the answer?

I personally have none except to say, May all forgive me for the wrongs that I have done and that I be given the strength to likewise forgive myself so that my mind can be free to mount new horizons without this self-imposed jinx embedded within me that seems to be a stumbling block to every move that I undertake.

In essence, a family generational curse is real only if one makes it real otherwise it is just nonsense.

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