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How Can A Tiny Clique Of So-called Elites Control The Modern World Systems?

When you hear of the many theories propagated by conspiracy theorist on a wide range of topics one cannot help but wonder how can a tiny clique of so-called elites control the modern world systems?

After watching many videos and hearing numerous radio programs discussing many diverse topics related to this subject one can reach one conclusion about how a tiny group of people can control the world systems, and this one, but not the only conclusion of how this could happen, is that people will believe anything.

Many of the broadcasts that I have watched and heard concerning a plan for world domination by a tiny elite are submitting arguments and pieces of evidence that are so off the top as to be hallucinogenic in what the submitter believes and want to convince others to accept as facts.

Be that as it may, I realize that a lot of people do accept what they are being told as facts and this may be because the submitter's arguments and shreds of evidence are being presented as truths regardless of how illogical and far-fetched they are.

It is not only the conspiracy theorist that present their personal opinions and suppositions as being actual facts but the mainstream intelligentsia is also notorious in presenting guesswork, hypothesis, and theories as being validated truths.

One example of this stretch of the imagination by the mainstream “Intellectuals” is their absolute certainty that once upon a time there was a rock that got rained on and produced one cell organisms. This single cell organism cellular structure multiplied and eventually became a walking fish, the fish then turned into a lizard, the lizard then turned into a monkey, and finally the monkey turned into a human being.

This is a condensed version of what these "Intellectuals" believe and teach as being the facts of how humans came into being. But no matter how you explain it, the odds of a sequence of events such as this actually happening seems so astronomical as to be nearly impossible, or at the very least, highly improbable.

Yet this fantasy of human evolution has been printed in textbooks and taught as facts for so long as to have become an institution whose only goal is to maintain itself as some form of quasi-religious doctrine. It does not matter that if this theory of how human beings came to be is examined closely it does not make any sense and seems kind of silly.

However, to a child, this model of human evolution is intriguing because it activates a child’s imagination, and that is how they get people into accepting this theory as being facts by embedding it into their mind while they are still a child.

Another fact that these "Intellectuals" teach is that the Earth’s moon was formed when an earth-sized object collided with the Earth in the remote past.

This is the latest theory of how the Moon was formed that is being taught as being a fact in schools. I will not go into the mechanics of how the "Intellectuals" claim that this collision produced the formation of the Earth's moon only to postulate that except for Mercury and Venus, as far as we presently know, all of the other planets in our Solar System have multiple moons, so are these "Intellectuals" suggesting that other objects collided with those planets to form their moons as well?

There is a very old saying that "a sucker is born every day", and it seems that individuals that feel that they are above the fold can talk out of every side of their mouth and their backsides and have everything that they say accepted as being the unquestionable facts by the less educated.

What is so arrogant, and is also a hindrance to scientific inquiry and the expansion of understanding and knowledge, is that theories and guesswork are being taught to students as being facts instead of what they actually are.

It is insulting to hear these so-called know-it-alls mouth off like they are the gods and goddesses of acquired knowledge when they are actually groping in the dark like everyone else looking for answers.

Another reason why a tiny elite is able to control the world systems is because they are the upper crust of a huge network that has many long tentacles slithering into every aspect of human life and have tons of money to finance their agendas because they print and dole out the money, as well as regulate its value, as they see fit.

Along with having the cash, this tiny group of controllers also command the mainstream communications mediums which they use to spoon feed the populous with only what they want them to know.

Another, and probably the most effective tool that those sitting in velvet seats use to control the world systems is a wailing wall of outright lies. They intermingle and intertwine truths and lies so efficiently that it is difficult to tell when one ends and the other begins.

The tool of mingling a touch of truth with a dumpster full of lies is used to keep people ignorant, confused, and off balance. In this frame of mind, the people are more prone to accept what they are being told without questioning its validity. These hoodlums are so conceited and disdainful of the lower throng that they have not a bit of fear in placing the truth right in their faces because they know that the vast majority of their human livestock will not attempt to distinguish or separate it from their lies.

For some reason, people that have to eat, sleep, and use the toilet like everyone else feel that they are superior to everyone else. People who get sick, grow old and ugly, and sooner or later die like everyone else feel that they are privileged and set apart from everyone else and have the divine right to herd those that they deem to be beneath them like GMO cattle.

Those who sit at the round tables surrounded by walls full of icons believe that the planet Earth and all of its resources revolve around them and that they can use them as they please without regards, or perhaps better to say, with the lowest regards for everyone else’s hopes, needs, and dreams, nor the slightest compassion for any of the Earth’s many other life forms nor its ecosystem.

What these so-called elites do not comprehend or appreciate is that people are not as gullible or as dumb as they believe them to be. These so-called elites know that if they make sure that there is at least half a chicken in the majority of the pots that they can keep the horde pacified.

The so-called elite know that cattle that is pushing and bumping against each other are too preoccupied to focus on the ones that are slaughtering thems until it is their turn to be gutted and then it is too late for them to defend themselves. They know that if they tell a lie in a variety of ways and in different shadings that it will morph into a shadowy truth over time.

People that wine and dine lavishly while millions of children are thirsty and starving know that humans are still in a primitive stage of cognitive development. Yes, modern humans have an array of gadgets but are still extremely primitive in their understanding and thinking. This is why there is so much sickness and sorrow in the world because humans worship technologies instead of aspiring to increase their cosmic, or if you wish to use a term that is associated with some form of religion, spiritual wisdom.

Leaders are important, but leaders that view and treat people like they are dirt beneath their feet are nothing more than mean-spirited delusional beasts that need to be toppled, immediately. These so-called elites are ravenous maggots and infectious parasites eating at the people draining them of their life forces.

In their lofty state of temporary supremacy, the so-called upper crust actually believes that their contingency plans to remain snug and cozy within their fortified shelters when they have brought the peoples of the world to a state of total anarchy will stand firm against millions of people searching them out to kill them.

As knowledge increases and alternative information mediums that are not controlled by them are employed to gather data people are becoming more and more aware of them. With this growing knowledge, folks are beginning to understand who their true enemies are and have had just about more than enough of them.

Complacency and a certain amount of comfort has a tendency to lull people to sleep making it fairly easy for robbers to pull the rug right from under them as they serenely hibernate in a fictitious dreamland. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is suppression, repression, and vassalage to people who only view other people as an expendable commodity that they can stretch and distort at whim.

The people that furnish their homes with the things that they have stolen from others should know that sooner or later they are going to have to run and fight for their lives as their herds of cattle turn to gore them in their greedy, narcissist rear-ends. History has a way of repeating itself by driving those on top to the bottom and even beheading them.

The elites plan to make the world their one order will blow up in their criminal faces just at the very moment when they feel that they are at the pinnacle of success. The New World Order will come into existence at the moment of their demise and it will be nothing like the one that they have worked so diligently to bring into existence, and they will be too dead to partake of any parts of it.

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