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How Photogenic Are You?

When taking a picture there are a number of things to be considered, such as lighting, the background, the photographer, the photographic equipment, your age, and so forth. Your desire is to produce an attractive camera-friendly rendition of yourself that you are pleased with and do not mind sharing.

If all of the above is optimal than you can have a certain amount of assurance that your picture will be appealing. Desiring to Look attractive in photographs is not being egotistical (at least for most people) it is merely a personality trait often referred to as self-esteem.

There are some people that are not camera-friendly no matter how pristine the variables of the person, the equipment, or the rendering are. I am one such person.

As I have considered why this distortion may be, I have come to the conclusion that there is another factor that should be considered when the objective of producing a good-looking picture of oneself cannot be achieved. This obstacle has to do with the reflections of a person’s spirit. That energy force that animates the body and surrounds it in an aura.

This is to say that a person who has a sad or diminished spirit will invariably render an unfortunate picture of themselves regardless of the photographic variables. Even a person who has been heavily assailed by age will take a reasonably palatable picture if their psyche is positively energized.

The only way that a person with a diminished spirit can hope to render an attractive camera-friendly picture of themselves is to cloak themselves into some type of camouflage that effectively conceals their inner-being, otherwise a discouragingly, disappointingly ugly picture of themselves is as good as done before they even step in front of the camera.

Are you photogenic? Peace be with you. Now there are those who are just plain unattractive and many of them love to parade in front of a camera. You even see them on billboards and posters displaying their gas mask before the public.

You cannot rightly fault them because if they do not think lovely of themselves, who will. A face that looks like the bottom of a foot is not a bottom of a foot that looks like a face, I guess. And a sad or degraded spirit will probably not produce an awe-inspiring photograph of oneself as the odds are heavily against this.

So what is the answer? Stay far away from camera’s if you are not photogenic if possible. Find out what is depressing your spirit and vigorously attack it. Don’t use pictures of yourself when you were younger to portray yourself today, this is being dishonest with yourself and others. See if additional lighting will help to broadcast you better in the camera lens.

For some people, such as myself, this may entail lighting that has a mean luminosity of 2.009x107 W·m¯² sr¯¹ (Our Sun). Take heart that you are certainly not alone in this photographic predicament of not being photogenic, so just relax and find a tree with a sturdy limb and hang yourself.

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