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I Fell in Love with an Auburn Complexion Zombie from the Mississippi Bayous (True Story?)

It was on a terribly hot and muggy mid-summer afternoon in the Mississippi bayous that my concepts of that which are real and that which is unreal became more academic. In fact, that particular afternoon was so humid that with every ten steps that I took I lost at least a pound and a half of body fluids.

The mosquitoes and biting flies that normally made a track in the bayous very uncomfortable chose to remain in the shade instead of battling the heat and the humidity just to take a bite out of me.

I had come to this inhospitable swamp land to study the impact of human encroachment on the native flora and fauna as part of a mid-term thesis. Consistent with my research objectives, it was imperative that I find locations that were as isolated as possible from direct human contact.

The sky was cloudless in my immediate surroundings but in the distance, dense dark rain clouds could be seen forming suggesting that a heavy shower was quite possible within the near future.

My college major was in biology and my minor was in not making a butt-hole of myself when I when out on a date. It seemed to always happen to me that when I met a cute and fancy I would invariably say or do the wrong thing that would throw the moment out of whack. Well, that was neither here nor there as my focus at that particular time was on wiping the sweat away from my eyes and concentrating on the environment of study.

I heard a rustling in the underbrush that came from a short distance away. My first impression of this sound was of it being a snake. I have always found snakes to be scary and if at all possible I will routinely do my utmost to avoid them.

Snakes are too sneaky for me and they look very mean. I diligently securitized the ground around me to make sure that I had no unwanted visitor lurking close, and as I slowly raised my eyes from the ground there she was standing very still and quiet intently eyeballing me.

A lump instantly came to my throat and my toenails began to tingle frantically as my breath and sense of being was taken away by the awesome sight of that reddish-brown beauty standing so enchantingly not so very far away from me. The question of what she was doing in the middle of the swamp never entered my mind as I stood transfixed by her bewitching charms.

The soft rumble of thunder in the distance appeared to echo from within her honey rich lifeless eyes. The silken dress that she wears silhouetted her deliciously curved figure most profoundly.

Her dress is not blue and neither is it white but is a blend of the two colors augmented by her reddish-brown flesh underneath.

A horny-toad used one of my feet as a trampoline when it moved pass to wherever it was going. Shadows were quickly forming as the dense dark rain clouds previously seen at a distance now encroached overhead.

My lips were moving as I spoke greetings to her but not a single sound was coming out of my mouth. Asclepias incarnata (swamp milkweed), Aster puniceus (red-stem aster, swamp aster), and Helianthus simulans (narrow-leaved sunflower, swamp sunflower) dutifully parted as they made a path for her to walk along.

Lifeless brown eyes of paradise and hell combined leisurely walks towards me. A radiant glow to benumbed reddish-brown skin takes control of my feet and moves me to her. I am under her control and it frightens me, yet I adore it.

Evidently, she is going to have her way with me here in the middle of the swamp. I want to race towards her as she unhurriedly raises her arms and beckons me with her hands but I cannot because she is deliberately maneuvering me at her discretion.

I can no longer feel the heat and the humidity of the day because I am captured by her beckoning presence. My state of being is overwhelmed by her as I have surrendered my freedom to act and judge on my own to her.

Bright and shiny is the reddish-brown complexion lifeless one who is going to make a mockery of the living so that she can satisfy her lust for the dead.

A light rain begins to fall causing her dress to cling melodramatically to her skin. There is absolutely no measure of diplomacy in this unexpected get-together due to the fact that she sensuously stirs me beyond any form of savoir-faire that I fashioned myself as being in possession of before this particular day in the Mississippi Bayous.

The closer that she gets to me the more that I fall apart all over. I think that this is history for me. I am done for, a goner. Even if I wanted to resist her, I couldn’t. Even if I could find the strength to run away from her, I wouldn’t.

In a very impressive manner, she has greatly impressed me. Her beckoning hands are about to touch me. The love of my life may well be the end of my life. The soil beneath my feet is slowly starting to swirl in a counterclockwise direction.

The soil beneath her feet is slowly starting to swirl in a clockwise direction. Opposing forces are pulling both of us into the soil.

The light rain has now turned into a torrential downpour. A lifeless smile suddenly appears on her dazzlingly brilliant dead lips as she places her hands on my shoulders and pushes downwards driving me deeper into the swirling soil.

I love and adore her, however, I’m starting to get the weird notion that this exhilarating woman may well be a zombie. I suppose this because she appears to be so dead that she is electrifyingly alive.

Her gorgeously dead shimmering chocolate eyes are piercing through my soul as she continues to push me deeper into the swirling soil. Thunder and lightning become the rhythm section for the chorus of my knocking knees.

I place my hands on her spicy hips and start to move in sync with the voodoo music that the thunder and lightning are making in concert with my beating knees. If this is a dream I seriously would like to awaken from it, yet, if this is a dream I honestly want to remain in it.

My surroundings have become a great big blur because I am aware of nothing else except for this wondrous enchantment that is as dead as it gets and is as alive as it can become. My mind, that had gone blink, is now being filled with her unspoken words.

I want to believe that I am in a dreamlike state of consciousness but the feel of her ice cold velvety skin confirms that she is real. Daylight has turned into twilight because of the dense blanket of dark rain clouds overhead.

With this woman, I feel that I can comfortably rest in peace, and judging from what I believe that she is, my doing so seems to be a momentarily given.

This is the beginning of whatever awaits me. Her hard stillborn nipples are pointing the way to my captivity. I am gladly willing to become her slave. My destiny is set as we are both now chest deep in the swirling soil and steadily descending deeper and deeper.

In the near future, I will experience the mysteries of cheesecakes and honeydew melons. Very soon this enigmatic woman will whodunit to me in a fashion and a manner that will thrill me to death, and I will love it.

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