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I Was a Black Muslim Nazi for the FBI

I have a secret to reveal that I have been carrying for many years, and my secret is this. I was a black Muslim Nazi for the FBI. Now, what I have just told you is absolutely false, but it’s true. Wait a minute, how can what I have just divulged be both false and true?

What I have just told you can be both false and true because that is the current societal and cultural enigma that we live in today where a lie is the truth and a truth is the lie.

Turning everything inside out is a deliberate tactic by those who have some form of influence to confuse the general public. Conformity, socialization, and obedience to leadership are the goals of those who fancy themselves as being the anointed masters of the human race.

So why confuse people?

If a person is confused that person can be easily led by the nose, because he or she is confused.

If a person is confused they cannot put up any viable opposition against you, because she or he is confused.

A person that is confused is a person who is socially dormant and simply goes with the flow, because they are confused.

A person who is confused believes this, and then they believe that, and they do this in less time than it takes for them to hear it because they are confused.

The cognitive powers of a confused person are severely crippled because he or she is confused.

So with just the above examples showing the benefits of confusion, is there any reason why this tactic should not be employed by persons and groups of influence that want to create misperceptions and uncertainty to promote their agendas? /p>

keeping a person (people, a nation of people) off balance is a splendid mechanism to enable one to pull strings and lead with a lash those who fail to behave predictably under specific givens.

This scheme to perpetuate confusion among the populous is a form of the age old battle tactic of divide and conquer that have been deployed for centuries to gain control of people.

Instead of telling you that I was a black Muslim Nazi for the FBI, I could just have easily told you that I am an Annunaki from the planet Nibiru here on a reconnaissance mission before that planet arrives again, which is also false, but is also true.

A confused person is apt to believe anything and more than likely will do nothing in the form of personal investigations to understand and authenticate what they are seeing and are being told because they are confused.

The weapon of mass confusion is a very effective tool of disorientation and controlled chaos used by the military, politicians, and the mass media to dumb down the populous and create easy pushovers that can be taken advantage of without much effort. Make a lie the truth and a truth the lie, then sit back and let them feed on themselves.

The majority of people who are employed in the mass media do not even comprehend that they are being utilized as the delivery system to launch the weapon of mass confusion onto both themselves and the public.

Confusion creates undue stresses and anxieties. These stresses and anxieties create physical and emotional illnesses. These physical and emotional illnesses create a dependence on someone else. A dependence on someone else creates an inanimate object that can be maneuvered at ease. The only value that an inanimate object has is whatever worth the controller assigns it.

As you can see, confusion has the potential of creating a muddle infinite loop in the life of an individual person, on a nation of people, and even on an entire world of people.

When I retired from the FBI I decided to devote myself to bringing lost humanity up to par in their understandings and enlightenments of the world in which we inhabit, which is false, but is true. I have never been employed by the FBI, which is false, but is true. I am not an Annunaki from the planet Nibiru, which is false, but is true.

As you can infer from the previous statements, I am confused, which is false, but is true. This is the infinite loop of perpetual confusion that renders a person, or a nation of people sluggish in their abilities to act and react to setbacks and opportunities that require logical reasoning, investigation, evaluation, and a cool head.

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