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Lights And Reflections

Lights and Reflections: The Mysteries of "YOU"
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Lights And Reflections

Lights and Reflections by Herbert L Hilliard and published by explores the questions of life, death, and eternity. This book has no answers, only postulations leaving the reader to form their own conclusions.

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Herbert Leon Hilliard, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author
Published by: CreateSpace
Date published: 06/26/2010
Edition: 1
Language: English US
ISBN-13: 9781453707036
ISBN: 1453707034
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth
252 pages
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$12.10 Paperback
$12.10 EBook
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Continued From Fatally Pathetic

Cherubim’s in The East

Cherubim’s in The East - The Real Story of Eve in the garden of Eden
Published May 8, 2017 2018-05-08

Eleven: The Godhead is a biform being of both male and female personifications having both good and not so good personality traits.

Twelve: The full Godhead gave birth to Eve using the seed of Adam, and Eve is more than terrestrial, more than demigod, but not fully a god.

And there you have it in a nutcase. Now you know the reason why Cherubim’s and a flaming sword which turned every way was placed only along the eastern border of the garden of Eden to prevent Adam and Eve from reentering it and partaking of the food of the tree of life.

You also now know why humans are in the shape that we are in because we are grafted in the image and in the likeness of the Godhead that is two distinct and competing personalities in one form.

You also know that Eve is diligently acting on a plan that she has in place to take over everything and humble the bad boy essence of the Godhead for what it did to her when she placed all her trust in it when she lived in the garden of Eden.

goddess7 Although Adam steals the show as it is written in the mortal documentation that is known as the Bible, Eve is the covering that blankets the image and the likeness of what was, and what is, and what is to come.

You also know that Eve was in no way beguiled or fooled like she was a childish simpleton as it is portrayed in the Bible but was, and is, a magnificent and powerful personality who knew exactly what she was doing but mistakenly placed her faith and trust in a Godhead that has its own agendas that may both include, and exclude, its creations wellbeing depending on how it feels at that moment.

Now that you know all this, much of it being until now secret knowledge, what are you going to do with it? May I suggest, just live with it because Eve has it all under control and will make her move on the male essence of the Godhead shortly.

In the beginning that is soon to come, Eve takes that which is corrupt, flawed, and falling apart and forms it into a loving paradise. And that is how it will be in the beginning when Eve takes the command of everything in all the realities and seats her daughter Lilith on her right hand beside her to rule with a tender loving hand and a rod of iron.

Now there are those know-it-alls who say that the Bible is only a disjointed collection of made up stories and that there is not a grain of truth written in it, but everyone knows, or at least everyone should all have a reasonable amount of suspicion that myths, folktales, and legends have a historical fact base attached to them that have been embellished, sometimes overly so, over the years for education and entertainment purposes. A person who is genuinely pursuing personal enlightenment by enhancing their knowledge base will try to logically understand a topic or subject before leaping into an uneducated judgment about it.

For your benefit, I have sorted out the biblical facts from the biblical fictions and have presented concealed and corrupted knowledge to you in a clarity that you can easily assimilate and deposit in a reputable bank without reservations because it is the uncompromised, non-agenda historical truth, and is not something that you need to have a leap of faith to believe in, such as if you are expecting to find the authentic facts of history in textbooks and other modern media sources.

goddess4 So when Eve appears with Lilith at her right side everyone who has watched this video cannot excuse themselves by saying that they have journeyed through their lives in ignorance of the natural order because the animals, and the trees, and the grasses, and the waters, and the soils of the earth, and even the air (Earth’s atmosphere), will testify against them, and Eve will toss them into the hands of her daughter Lilith who will despoil them bitterly for not accepting and believing in the truth as it has faithfully been given to you.

And so, it shall be as Eve demands it to be. // We're Done!

My Dreams: Dreams Meanings

Dreams Meanings

Understanding your dreams by sharing them with others @ Dream Share

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Everyone participating in the dream decoding processes benefits because they all learn something about themselves as a byproduct of helping others. Everyone has moved to a broader state of self-awareness by sharing their dreams.

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