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My Quest for the Rapture

I came from a family that believed in God but were not dedicated church goers. To this day I am still not a dedicated church goer but I have periods when I read the Bible and make use of television and radio ministries.

As a result of this, I became indoctrinated into the Rapture doctrine that is so widely preached. I accepted this doctrine by default because that is what I was being taught.

For many years I did not question this teaching and simply took it on faith that what I was being taught is true.

When I became acquainted with the proposals that challenged the Rapture doctrine I decided to investigate what I had been taught to see what I could find on the subject.

I could go through scripture banging to prove or disprove what I have discovered, but I will not do that because this technique has been, and is being, beaten to death by different camps.

As I reevaluate my belief I must consider that whether the Rapture is true or not is a question that can be muted in a moment because the very next second of physical life is very dubious at best.

Notwithstanding, I have recently reached another crossroad in my Rapture evolution. I feel a slight nudge pushing me back towards my belief in the Rapture, but when I think of how very few of the early church leaders such as Peter, Paul, and so on were killed for their belief and not raptured.

How the early Christians were not raptured before being nailed to a Roman cross and set on fire or eaten by lions in the arena. How the Jews were not raptured out of Hitler’s Germany, and on and on throughout history, I have my doubts about returning back to the Rapture doctrine.

I believed in the Big Bang Theory because that is what I was taught. However, recent discoveries and new scientific techniques are starting to show the Big Bang as being a Big Bust. If you do not question what you are being taught your brain is only a feedbag for every whim that someone else has.

You become programmed by others. You abdicate your innate human heritage to think for yourself. You have to do your homework and form your own opinions and not float along like a dead fish in the beliefs and doctrines of others.

One thing that turns me against the Rapture doctrine is how smug preachers and others are when they talk about being taken by the Lord. Their self-satisfied, self-righteous attitude turns me off. Their attitude of godliness is no different than any haughty attitude that proclaims that I am better than you are because….

Another reason that I have reservations about the Rapture is because it seems cowardly. It seems as if you are hightailing it from the battlefield when you are needed most to bring people into the fold.

At the moment I do not know where I will go with this. In the big picture, the Rapture doctrine does not really matter in a life that is so fleeting and fragile. My earthly machine can break down and fall apart without a moment’s notice.

It is a waste of time to be looking for something that is beyond my reach. As long as I stay in good favor with Darkness and Lights I do not have to be concerned about a rapture because I am knocking, and the door will be opened for me when it is time for me to shed the physical.

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