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Purging The First Born Hive of Debilitating Impurities

Not too long ago I went to a local DMV to conduct some routine business. As I took a seat waiting for my number to be called a commotion erupted between two or more women that were there. One of the women involved in this altercation was exceedingly loud and vulgar as she did not hesitate to unleash her obscene foul-mouthed vocabulary out in the open for everyone in the building to hear. Whatever this was, it even went so far as to say that it will kick everyone’s ass in the building. The policewoman that was on duty made every effort to charm the situation but this one ill-mannered imbecile refused to cooperate.

Finally, the policewoman convinced the other woman that was involved in this foolishness to leave the building as a way to calm the situation. At that point, another woman whose number had just been called walked pass me as I was still sitting listening for my number to be called and nearly knocked my kneecaps off as she crudely went by me. Very sad and embarrassing to say, all of those discourteous elements involved in this nonsense were of my image and likeness.

Unfortunately, scenes such as this are all too common among our people. Many of them simply want to stand out and be noticed and do not know how to express themselves except in a negative manner. It is very sad that people such as this have no self-respect, or respect for others. Their thinking techniques have descended to that of an animalistic mindset, and saying that is insulting to animals because animals act on instincts whereas humans are supposed to be able to think and reason.

The rebirth of the people is reaching a point of critical mass and is about to explode on the world. The so-called elites of the present world systems are moving the peoples of the earth towards destruction. They are intentionally doing this because they want to greatly reduce the Earth’s human population. They're carefully laid out plans for a new world order and a human population of five hundred million serfs will backfire on them because their wisdom is carnal and subject to error and miscalculations.

There is a cosmic cognizance that binds existence together as a uniformed spirit. To mortals (beings subject to death, and will die), the spirit of the planet Earth seems to be longsuffering, but it is not. At the proper time, and just in time, the planet Earth will energize its "First Children" who will then regain their proper station within the Earth’s family of nations. But before this occurs the "First Children" are going to be required to do some serious housecleaning.

People such as the previously mentioned women are too far gone in their thinking and behavior to waste the time, expense, and efforts in attempting to re-educate them. People such as these have a temperament that is so disfigured, tarnished, and utterly ruined to the extent that they are really not human anymore.

Of the "Motherland" and the America's about eighty percent of the "First Children" will have to be purged (blotted out) so that an untainted creation can be born. All depraved minds and homosexuals will have to be terminated, and other nonessentials such as athletes, singers, dancers, and actors will have to be temporarily removed from the people.

Inventors and scientists will form a core element of the rebirth. A council of elders will govern the people. At some undefined point, small contingents of singers and dancers will be installed among the people again, but their tones, rhythm’s, and gestures will be of a new form that will reflect the attributes of the rebirth.

Cleaning the Hive of the "First Born" will not be a pretty picture but it is essential that it should be done efficiently and effectively by the "First Born", and only the "First Born" so that the construction of the rebirth is not contaminated nor hindered.

If the "First Born" do not wake up and take back control of themselves and the world the planet Earth will have no other recourse but to unleash another one of its mass extinction events, this time targeting humans, and without exceptions.

Time is hurriedly running out for the "First Born" to take action. The current rulers of this world are rapidly skydiving themselves and all of the peoples of the Earth into oblivion. Their self-proclaimed learning and wisdom are about to turn them and everyone who is associated with them into dust and rubble.

The wreckage will be so great that it will take millions of years for the planet Earth, and whatever small pockets of humanity that survive, to recover to a point where it and they can begin to start recovering. The "First Born" must begin the housecleaning processes immediately before it is too late.

The "Rebirth" must be completely shed of all Western cultural influences, especially their religions. We must build up our minds and throw down our prejudices. We must purge our hive of all obstacles that will slow our pace to greatness down. We must accept that the vast majority of us are too infested and unsanitary, by the current ruler's propaganda and mind control manipulations, to be of any use to the "Rebirth". We can, and we will do this. The planet Earth and our human cousins are counting on us to pull this "Rebirth " off. We will not disappoint ourselves nor them.

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