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Sirius Rising

Currently, the world system is dominated by Europeans, but the Chinese are making a strong bid to eclipse the Europeans as the new controllers of the world system. Arabs want to dominate the world system through Islam but they are much too busy slaughtering themselves to be taken seriously as a contender for global supremacy.

The European elite that now mismanage the institutions of the world know that their day of world dominance and control are winding down, however, rather than lose the privileges that they have grown accustomed to for the past one thousand or so years, they rather destroy the planet and all of its people.

As this European elite see the ancient people of the Earth coming back to life they are speedily devising strategies and weaponry that they hope will annihilate ninety to ninety-five percent of the world’s population in short order.

What these Europeans are looking to achieve is producing a new world with them as the head and a tiny remnant of people of European descent as the tail. Unfortunately, just as they created the HIV and AIDS virus to wipe out a targeted race of people, their schemes of global racial cleansing will backfire on them just as their HIV and AIDS weapons have.

Presently Kemet (Black Land) is lawlessly being defiled by a people of Middle-Eastern origins that occupy the land now. These beastly invaders have the audacity to claim a heritage that is as far removed from them as they are from native American civilizations.

These interlopers are able to do this because the children of Sirius are currently devoid of their true identity and are allowing other people to define who they are. It is hard to pinpoint exactly when the children of Isis began losing their cultural identity.

It seems that this absentmindedness may have begun when the New Kingdom of Kemet (Ancient Egypt), the Kingdom of Kush, and the Kingdom of Mali collapsed.

With the collapse of these and other powerful kingdoms, the door was wide open for the incursion of looters and identity thieves from Europe and the Middle East to sweep in like locust and take over.

The thief that slithers into the window by night feels very confident that he has gone unnoticed. The identity thief steals what is not his and claim it as being his. The interloper wants to shut the door in the face of the master of the house and lounge comfortably in his place.

At present, these cultural pickpockets overflow Kemet like grains of Arabian desert sand, but very soon their criminal heads will roll to the other side of the Red Sea where they belong.

The sons of Osiris and the daughters of Isis are currently bankrupt in the knowledge and the understanding of themselves. They have permitted vagabonds and scandals to program their thinking, or more precisely, shut their thinking down and be spoon-fed by barbarians, all of which have only recently come into world history as a people.

The current world controllers see their soon demise as a world force whooshing towards them like a huge stone rolling downhill. They have had their short stay in the limelight in world history. They fancy themselves to be the “is all” and the “know all” of the human race. They built their empire on the foundations of others and take credit for everything. They worship themselves as being on the top of the food chain in acquired knowledge, yet they have not even reached the mid-point of what the ancients knew eons before.

The mace of Osiris is posed over their conceited heads and is about to bring them back to reality, but before they allow themselves to be supplanted by the ancient peoples of the world they will do their utmost to destroy everyone, and everything on the planet first, however, Globes and Orbs will never allow such a thing to happen to its first-born.

Sirius is rising and slowly restoring the minds of its people back to their original states. This restoration of the mind is a slow process because so many of Hathor’s bewildered children have been so thoroughly indoctrinated into hating and despising their own and themselves for over a thousand years, so in the light of this, it takes time to culturally re-educate the confused sons and daughters of Isis and break the cultural bonds of the controllers that currently suffocates them.

Nut has a mace in her hand to root out those of her own that troubles and hinders growth. Hathor will teach her people their true identity and show them how to love and respect each other again. Seth will devour turncoats, deserters, and defectors and cast them into utter whiteness where they will be jostled back and forth for eternity.

The final days are closing in fast on the present deceivers of this world. They know their finish is near and that is why they are creating so many troubles around the world in an attempt to keep the peoples of the world confused and off balance. They have amassed their genetic weapons and are prepared to launch them globally, and if one person not of their kind remains standing after the genetic assaults they will launch their thermonuclear arsenal and obliterate the entire planet Earth as a last resort.

People of European descent (the common folks) should not delude themselves into believing that their elites have a warm place in their hearts for them. To the elites, the common folks are no more than sheep that they can herd and use to their advantage, and even destroy any number of them if that seems to be a cost efficient thing for them to do. These particulars believe that they are gods on Earth having the power of life, health, wealth, and death over their underlings.

Sirius is rising to cradle her lost children back into her loving embrace. That which her children have surrendered and given away will be recovered. The looters will be forced back into their caves and desert sands. Traitors of the Nile will be tossed into a white abyss where they will languish miserably with their masters.

The Earth will rejoice and the Moon will celebrate because the light and life of darkness have overcome their madness and identity crisis and taken back the crowns that they so unwittingly gave to depraved and loathsome newcomers in human history.

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