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Tardy Personal Enlightenment

I have just made a solemn oath to myself that starting from this point onwards I will habitually make the right choices and decisions. I have reached this momentous milestone because of my chronic propensity to do the exact opposite. My slate is jam-packed with the fallen branches of my being a wishy-washy namby-pamby in whatsoever I have determined to do.

I reach for the Stars and then promptly dive headlong into the mud. I have a few good ideas but am unable to animate them because at some point in the past I decided that I will be an introvert. It is very difficult to sell yourself when you have chosen to be reclusive and withdrawn. Therefore, I have decided to become a sociable, outgoing, extrovert from henceforth.

I have a firm and humorless belief in the validity of the decision that I have just reached. I will conduct myself as a gregarious livewire and befriend both human and beast. I will be more assertive and decisive in my undertakings. I will reach for the Stars and grab a hand full of them. I will dive headlong into a mud puddle if that is what it takes to reach my goals.

I have made an earnest oath to myself that is deeply serious and somber. From this point beyond I will make precise and accurate choices and decisions far above the norm. My choices and decisions will not have a regulator for fault-tolerance because they will now be flawless. My thinking and actions will now become synchronized into a blissful pattern of conformity and harmony.

From my new exalted point of reference all will be right with the world. I cannot relive and undo the mistakes I made in the past. I cannot comfort those that I have harmed nor console those that I have disappointed. The drop is in the bucket and the waters of life are relentlessly seeping away. The worms have placed a napkin around their necks and are anxiously awaiting me with knife and fork in hand. But I will bamboozle them because I have decided to be cremated.

My oath is firm. I have evaluated the cobblestone and determined that what I have concluded is steadfast and well-founded. My decision and choice making will now be impeccably watertight and perfect in all its ways. Let the drums sound and the trumpets roar because here I come in a higher elevation of conscious being.

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