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Terrestrial Life (The Temporal Presence)

I have gained new insights from a recent dream that I had about a woman of a past relationship. In the terrestrial Presence that relationship started out great but ended in a disaster, all due to me.

In this dream that I was having of this woman we were united in a bond of felicity and harmony. In this dream, we were both young, healthy, and beautiful. In this dream, we had concerns that we had to address and we dealt with these issues as a cohesive coalition.

It was disturbing when I awakened from this dream because that was the life in which I wanted to stay. As I deliberated on as much of that dream that I could recall I became convinced that I was not literally dreaming, but was actually living in a different and actual state of being.

What I perceived as being a dream is actually another layer of life where I reside. Just for a short time during sleep I transcended the constraints of physical life and joined my cosmic mate in the forever Presence.

There is only one existence that is interwoven with many layers of Presence. No mortal has a counterpart in a parallel dimension (or Universe) because there is no such thing as dimensions in parallel. All Presence coexists at the same instance and occupies the same space.

For a short period of time, in what I erroneously believed to be dreaming, I was living in another Presence of my being. This Presence that I briefly experienced is only one of a multitude of actual self that I cohabit. This is a beautiful presence because I am in a relationship with a woman that makes it complete and happy.

The mortal Presence is temporal and is designed to instill the forever person with all the experiences and coping tools needed to enable that person to move to a higher level of existence. The ultimate goal of a person in the Presence is to eventually attain the state of dazzling.

Dazzling means that a person has become a divine presence within all the many layers of the Presence with a deific nature. The mortal Presence is born, grows old and ugly, then is shut off like a light switch. The mortal Presence is a day in school that hopefully will add something of value to the forever Presence when the class is over.

In the mortal, this woman that I visited in my sleep had the good sense to bail out of that destructive relationship with me. She saw the light and the light told her to get away as quickly as possible, which she did. In the forever Presence, this woman and I have never experienced a destructive moment, at least not one visited upon the other.

In the forever Presence, this woman and I are like twin Stars that are shining our radiance into the many other layers of Presence in which we live. Some layers of our presence receive this light as a source of growth and enlightenment while in other layers we (I) am so bind with our(my) hang-ups that the expanded knowledge of the forever Presence is blocked from being received.

Not all dreams are travels into the Presence as many of our dreams are terrestrial based manifestations. This is to say that the majority of our dreams, whether they are good dreams or nightmares, are attempting to enlighten us about some aspect of our temporal Presence that needs our attention.

The layers of our presence are like waves of light interwoven and intermingling with each other. Because of the makeup of our brains, a mass glob of electrochemical circuits, we are restricted to only experiencing a minuscule portion of our Presence that we can digest and tolerate without causing a short-circuit in our minds.

The temporal dimension of terrestrial life is our day in school in only one of many layers of our Presence. Each Presence in which we exist has classes that we must attend so that we may graduate to the next layer, phase, or level, however you want to phrase it, of maturity on our flight to Dazzling.

If a person is lackluster during the terrestrial class, there is no reincarnation to take the course over again because there is only one class per student.

Since the mortal is a learning and evolving Presence there is no such thing as passing or failing the class, as mortals interpret success and failure, because everything that a person has experienced while living in the temporal Presence will be added to their forever Presence knowledge base.

How I wish that I could have remained with her a little longer before awakening from sleep. Her beauty is like the beauty of earthly mistakes never made.

The sound of her voice is the reassurance given to a seedling that is lovely nourished by caring hands.

The softness and the warmth of the touch of her skin are like the vastness of the cosmos that is teeming with life.

The precious scent of her being is like the freshness and the renewal of many rewards.

This is the Presence where I am and where I want to be when my terrestrial class in the mortal Presence is over.

While I am very conscious of my physical presence in the mortal realm of being, and I do want to gain something of value from my stay in the mortal Presence that I can add to my forever Presence knowledge base, I yearn for the spheres of timelessness that I can touch without feeling and know that they are real without clear-cut evidence, living and exploring always in the touching and in the loving companionship of she who came to me in a dream, which was not a dream but our timeless activities in the forever Presence, where she and I live in perfect freedom and peace.

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