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The Ancient Alien Theory (An Extension of the Little White Lie)

The entire premise of the ancient alien theory is that the people of old were too dumb and too stupid to be creative and inventive of their own volition. Those people who created their civilizations eons before the white man entered the world stage obviously needed the assist of beings from outer space to perform skilled labor and elaborate planning. This is the thesis of the ancient alien theory in a nutshell.

There is no disputing that in the vastness of the universe many forms of intelligence exist because the mathematical odds of probability support this. If the celestial body that we call the Earth contains an intelligent being, the vote is still out as to how intelligent a bloodthirsty, discriminatory, and racist species really is, the numbers are there to support those other celestial bodies of our universe contain intelligent beings as well.

There is also very clear evidence that beings outside of our terrestrial norm have visited this planet and still do. Whether these extraterrestrial visitations are coming from someplace within our solar system, galaxy, or universe is the open question. My personal experience with seeing an extraterrestrial object and the beings that were seated inside of it suggested to me that it was not from outer space but was in the same Earth space and time that I was, only resonating at a different frequency than me.

This object with the beings seated inside of it that I saw did not fly, it simply appeared, remained in place for a moment, and then vanished. It was a cigar-shaped vehicle with multicolored lights sparking around its surface. The beings inside of this vehicle were seated in a straight row and all were looking directly forward. Even though I could clearly see them it appeared that they were completely unaware of my existence. No one looked out of any of the windows. What this vehicle with the beings seated inside of it reminded me of was a city transit bus carrying passengers.

The profile of the beings that were aboard this vehicle were consistent with, I hate to say it because in many circles this profile has become a joke, the common description of gray aliens. I was in my early teens when I saw this vehicle and its passenger’s many years before I had even heard anything whatsoever about gray type aliens or had the slightest interest in the extraterrestrial. So I know from actual experience that there is much more to life than what we can sense, feel, touch, hear, and comprehend.

The ancient alien theory suggests that the people of old did not have the thinking capacity nor the imagination of the white man so they seriously needed help to accomplish the things that moderns now view with awe. Thus visitors from the great beyond are used to explain these great accomplishments of the old ones when Europeans were still living in holes in the ground and eating one another for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Always at some point, when ancient aliens are being promoted as providing the ancients with the keys of civilization, the guiding force behind this earth intervention from space travelers somehow morphs into a white personage. According to the ancient alien theory, extraterrestrials consist of three distinct types of beings which are the grays, the insectoids, and the humanoids that are always depicted as being a white guy. Ancient alien theorists go too great, and even downright lying lengths, to by some means wedge the white man front and center of everything.

According to ancient alien theorists, the people of old were too dumb to build a stone wall or stack one block atop another without the supervision of beings from outer space. Also according to these theorists, the ancient people had not the slightest concept of counting and using numbers until visitors from the unknown came and taught them how to do this. The old ones did not have the imagination to move beyond a hunting and gathering society so beings from interstellar space took pity on those dimwits and came to the planet Earth to guide them is the core premise of the ancient alien theorists.

The white guy humanoid alien type took a female of the old ones, manipulated and mingled her DNA with his, and oh happy days, the white race is born in this being’s image and likeness. The white guy humanoid type also had sexual intercourse with the women of old and out of this liaison giant and half human and half animal creatures were born that waged war against the firstborn and ravaged the Earth.

Flooding and other types of natural disasters, wars waged by humans against the beasts, and deformed DNA not being able to replicate itself wiped out the majority of these creatures that were produced when white guy humanoid alien types copulated with the women of old, but some have survived as exemplified by the sightings of creatures like Big Foot, the Chupacabras, the Loogaroo, the Hodag, the Skunk Ape, the Gowrow, the Jakalope, the Loveland Frog, the Breast of Bladenboro, and many others that are still alive and doing well. Many of these creatures keep hidden and avoid human contact, but they are there.

The most common consensus as to where these white guy humanoid alien types originate from is someplace within the Andromeda galaxy. There is no such consensus as to where the grays and the insectoids originate however many believe that they are part of the Milky Way galaxy family of beings. Wherever these space travelers originate they seem to have a keen interest in the creatures of the planet Earth, why this is no one knows.

The Ancient Alien Theory is like all other speculations, conjectures, and hypothesis that is concerned with explaining human history as all of these scholarly, and not so scholarly disciplines, go to enlarged prostate efforts to whitewash the history of the world and place it solidly within the domain of only one family of Earth’s peoples (the white man). This is the ancient alien theory at its kernel that prorogates the Eurocentric viewpoint of world history and the value and worth of human beings according to this viewpoint.

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