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The Antichrist (Practically Decoded)

There are many theories and assumptions as to who or what the antichrist is. It is evident by scripture that the antichrist consists of two distinct genera, one being both male and female human beings who do not believe that there is a God and that a character named Jesus is the anointed one of God who will redeem all creation back into the fold of God. These are not necessarily evil or wicked people but people who hold to a belief system that is "Instead (anti)" of God and the so-called Christ.

These people are the antichrist that is spoken of in some scripture writings of the Bible. The other genus of the antichrist being that of an individual human being who worships Satan and will allow Satan to use him in an ill-fated attempt to control the Earth and its inhabitants, with the ultimate goal of ruining the planet Earth and Killing off all of its carbon-based life forms.

Ever since this so-called Jesus began his ministry the antichrist has been a resident on Earth within the hearts and minds of people who do not believe in a cosmic-come-earthly savior, so to this extent, we know exactly who and what the antichrist is because of their beliefs that make them believers of something else instead of the so-called Christ.

As far as the antichrist who will lead human beings into the great tribulation period is concerned, there are those who believe that this will be Satan disguised as a mortal, while others believe it to be an actual human being empowered with the spirit of Satan. There are also many people who fervently believe that the antichrist will be an ET from another galaxy, universe, or dimension.

This is only my personal opinion but I suggest that if the stories of the Bible can be taken literally this antichrist will be an actual human being empowered with the spirit of Satan. This opinion is based on the evidence that Satan copies everything of God. And since God is ascribed as being three entities in one; The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, it is very likely that Satan will copy this structure as Satan, the antichrist, and the false prophet.

However, Satan does not have the essence of being a true Trinity so his replica of this essence has to be a counterfeit model of the true one. Even human beings follow this triune structure in the form of the physical body (dirt and water), the spirit (the energy force that animates the physical body), and the mind (that give the body and the spirit cognitive awareness and a sense of being).

So the question of what and who the antichrist will be is my belief that he will be a flesh and blood mortal, and I say “he” because all the references to this being in the Bible refers to the male gender. Exactly who this person will be is an open question, but there is a historical archetype that can be used.

The antichrist will come on the world scene as a great healer. What he will heal is a world system that has received a deadly wound by degenerating into great anguish and chaos.

The deadly wound that this world system suffers from is a fatal loss of confidence in it by the peoples of the world who have become overwhelmed by confusion and mistrust in all authority. When the lifecycle of this world system is looking totally bleak Satan will pull strings that causes his anointed one to be elected leader of the crippled nations by the peoples of the earth who are now desperate for a savior, thus healing the deadly wound that it has suffered by the satanically inspired genius that this leader will employ to bring profound prosperity and security to all peoples throughout the world under his government.

Using recent world history as a base of who the personage of the antichrist may be, I believe that this leader (the antichrist) will be of German nationality and ethically he will be a Jew, or have a Jewish link in his ancestry. An archetype of this leader can be seen in the person of Adolf Hitler who was of German nationality and who had a Jewish link in his ancestry.

The other viable option of the personage of the antichrist is a person from the Middle East who lives in a country that was a part of the Eastern Roman Empire.

Gadre’el (pronounced Godre’el, God, Apollyon, Belial, Beelzebub, the Dragon, Satan) is the master of this present world age and has an army already marshalled and at the ready to do battle against the Father of Lights and his army.

The forces of Godre’el consists of both spiritual and physical beings that are dedicated to doing his will. Selling one’s soul to the devil is a minuscule possession to a being that covets the position of cosmic top dog and bringing legions of orbs, spheres, dimensions, powers, energies, times, and motions under his dominance.

The antichrist goes by many other names ascribed to him by many different cultures. In recent decades the antichrist has also acquired the names ET, Grays, Reptilians, Annunaki, Nephilim, Black Eyed Children, various U.S president’s, the Pope, Jesus, and so forth. However, the true identity of the antichrist is the human mind that is still in a very primal state of development.

Scientific and technological knowledge and advancements are being seeded into the embryonic brain cells of humans by the Crusher of Souls in order to make a mockery of Dirt and Water (mortals) and the absurdity of their creation before the eyes of blazing energies.

The many theories concerning who and what the antichrist is are all wrong and the many theories concerning what and who the antichrist is are all right. This is because there is a serious question concerning the very existence of Jesus (Christ) which makes the question of who and what the antichrist is, other than our individual selves, mute.

Of course, this is my personal belief and until proven to be faulty by evidence to the contrary is what I hold to.

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The Antichrist (Practically Decoded)

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