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The Authentic Israelite’s Unveiled

Many different people claim themselves as being the authentic Israelite's of the Bible. You have some saying that the Anglo-Saxons (White people of the United States of America and Great Britain) are the ten lost tribes of the kingdom of Israel.

These Anglo-Israelites profess that they mysteriously metamorphosed from a Middle-Eastern race into the Caucasian race when they stepped foot on the other side of the Caucasus mountains of southern Russia after the fall of the Northern Kingdom of Israel to the Assyrians in 722 BCE.

Of all the true Israelite claimants, this is by far the most absurd because these Anglo-Israelite's want you to believe the impossible, that a race of people can be transformed into another race of people simply by crossing a mountain range.

And then there are the Hebrew Israelite's, a people of color who are unyielding in their claim to be the genuine Israelite's of the Bible. You also have people in Japan that are just as obstinate about their claim as being the true Israelite’s of the Bible.

And then there are the Ashkenazi Caucasian tribes of Europe that profess themselves to be Israelite's and Jews that now occupy the land of Canaan and control nearly every aspect of life in the modern world's governmental and financial systems.

The list of claimants to be the true and authentic Hebrews and Israelite’s of the Bible goes on and on. These people are so adamant about their Israelite claim that they are willing to fight and die for it.

So what is the big deal about being an Israelite? Why is it so imperative for certain peoples to be known as the true Israelite's of the Bible? It should be noted that all of these true Israelite claimants come from a Christian heritage or have been influenced by Christianity.

Buddhist and Hindu’s do not claim to be the true Israelite’s and nor do people of any other formal religion nor people who follow the religions of atheist and agnostics. So what is it about people who come from a Christian and Christian-influenced heritage that compels them to be known as true Hebrews and Israelite’s?

According to the Christian Bible, the Israelite’s are the chosen people of their creator of everything (god). G is in small caps because god is really a shortened version for Satan’s actual name which is Gadre'el (pronounced godre'el) and is not the name of the creator of spheres, times, and dimensions YHWH. As the chosen people, god has endowed the Israelite’s with the inalienable right to murder, kill, rape, terrorize, dislodge, and enslave other people.

As the chosen people, god tells the Israelites that they can do whatsoever they want to do and they will be forgiven. As the chosen people, god is saying that Israelite’s are privileged above all other peoples and are to rule and misrule over them. As the chosen people of god, the Israelite’s have all the forces and powers of hell at their disposal to ravage and plunder the Earth and destroy it, which is Satan’s (Gadre’el’s) ultimate goal.

This is why it is so important for people to be of the true Israelite's because Gadre'el (god, Apollyon, Belial, Beelzebub, the Dragon) is the ruler of this age and they want to be in the winner’s court. Hawwah (Eve) weeps for them because her quest for knowledge and understanding has been adulterated by prideful, greedy, self-serving, ignorant of the truth, and self-seeking mortals that have chosen the wrong seed to worship and follow, instead of uplifting themselves and following in her paths towards YHWH.

So who are the genuine Israelite's of the Bible? All of the previously mentioned groups because the Bible and Christianity is a stumbling-block to freedom and peace when they are taken too literally. The Bible is a good learning tool for best practices in getting along with other people, respecting the home planet (the Earth) and being positive about life.

However, the opposite side of wholesome learning that Christianity and the Bible produce is fragmentation, separation, hatred, contention, violence, greed, murder, torture, rape, poverty, homosexuality, racism, enslavement, and the crimes of person upon person and people upon animals goes on, and on, and on under the umbrella of the chosen of god (Gadre'el).

So what is the big deal about being the chosen people of god if all that you bring to the world is strife and turmoil? People look above and beyond to find an identity that they can assign themselves and are ever ready to create one and are eager to fill their minds with lies of what they have conjured up. "I am a true Israelite." "So what! Have a nice day."

Praise you god (Gadre'el) and thank you lord(Baal) because the winepress of longsuffering is overflowing with your absurdities and is abundant with your horrors. Hawwah(Eve) is not at all pleased with any of her mortal seeds and will wash us all clean and throw the true Israelites, Hebrews, Jews, and Muslims into the abyss where their father subsists. Halleluiah. Let the loving power of Yah forever reign over foolishness!

Footnote: Satan is only one of many titles of this supernatural being. Gadre'el (pronounced Godre'el) is the actual name of this being. Sources: Book of Enoch the Prophet., page64, number 6. And: Book of Hanok (Enoch), the HalleluYah scriptures, page 26., chapter.69, verse 6.

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