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The Book of the Dead

People who have to steal another people’s heritage to have an identity are like dry rot on the soles of the feet of humanity. They are like a fallen twig flowing down a stream and coming to rest inside of a mud puddle of their own making.

All of the evidence clearly proves that these people are living a lie but they choose to continue doing so because to do otherwise, is to admit that they are scavengers that rummage through rich foliage in a futile search for personal identity.

Their very presence in the land of the living (Kemet) is a grave insult to the cosmic laws of accountability. These intruders jinx the land that they now occupy by placing a heavy burden upon it to accommodate parasitic tapeworms (the Asiatic squatters that now defile the land) that pervert the truth by calling themselves the offspring of the ancient ones.

What is so sad about this is that many of these Asiatic parasites honestly believe that Kemet is their legacy because this is what they have been falsely taught from childhood.

In the very near future, the entire land of Kemet will be scorched by a raging fire generated by the Goddess of the Celestials. The Ar or Aur (black) "Nile river" will become like the desert sands that surrounds it in order to purify it.

Once the Asiatic squatters have been purged from Kemet Aur will be refilled with fresh waters running from the rivers of Ethiopia. At this time the remetch en Kerme (People of the Black Land) will be gathered from the nations and seated back in their house.

People who steal another person’s identity are gatecrashers on the truth, honesty, self-pride, self-worth, and human dignity. They are bloodsuckers that must be burnt off of the body and turned into eternal ashes of contempt and scorn.

People who pilfer someone else’s identity to give themselves a sense of self-worth have placed their own embezzled hands around their necks and have robbed themselves of the very essence of what makes a human being unique.

Build an exclusive name for yourselves and remove your filthy, despicable hands from mine. Your shame is exhibited by each breath that you take. You bask in the fog of the impostor. The dung beetle will not even come near your feces.

Go back to Asia where you came from and claim a region there where you can settle. The Goddess of this universe has cast a vengeful eye towards the Asiatic interlopers of her cherished land (Kemet).

The Goddess of infinity formed the planet Earth with her own hands and set the boundaries that the humanoids that she crafted with her fingertips should forever inhabit.

For many days the Goddess of Eternity has held her temper against the unwanted trespassers into Kemet, but her poise has reached its breaking point.

Her eyes are like rays of blackness into darkness and like beams of white into light. The Goddess of this Universe has spoken against the vandals of Kemet and what she has articulated will peel the skin off of their delinquent heads.

Thieves are put to death by the ordinances imposed by cosmic law. There are no grounds for appeal. You squatters have had a good time of it, so now die with it.

Her hair is like smoke emitting from a fiery furnace. Her countenance is ablaze with resolve and determination. The Goddess of passports and departures is about to smite the living daylights out of the children of creeping things that have wallowed in her land like pigs in a sty.

The days of numbering have reached a conclusion for those who steal other people’s identity. The right hand will choke the left hand and they both will strangle the lying hell out of the looting neck.

Praise the Goddess of power and deliverance who justly asphyxiate all who claim to be something that they are not.

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