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The Chosen People of God - Evil Incarnate

As a member of the chosen people of god, this is what I vomit upon the peoples and nations of the Earth and all had better listen to me. I being of the elect have the divine right and justification to make life a living hell on earth for the Goy because I am of the seed of Abraham the chosen people of god.

The vow of my god is that it will curse those who bless me and consume those who curse me, therefore I have the deific authority to lie to you, steal from you, butcher and slaughter you, rape and pillage you, and rule over you however I please because I am of the seed of Abraham the chosen people of god.

I am of the chosen people of god hence I am your god and you are my servants whose only purpose in life is to obey and serve me. As your god, I will tell you who you are, make up a history of my choosing for you, and pin you to walls that hinder your movements. You will be at my mercy and whim and run quickly to me at my beck and call because I am of the seed of Abraham the chosen people of god.

I once was insignificant and obscure living in a small track of land hemmed in on all sides by peoples and nations mightier than I. I pitched my home in tents and cooked my food with camel dung. I was given the name by the surrounding nations Hebrew (a nomadic wanderer). But now I am that I am for my god strengthens and guides me.

The above statements are the reasons why people of Western influence are calling themselves the offspring of the seed of Abraham the chosen people of god to justify every vile imagination and act of depravity that enters their mind. These Abrahamic claimants are infused with a spirit that is contrary to the harmony and conformity of the celestial consciousness's.

This spirit of endless chaos, confusion, and turmoil engenders its disciples with the inventive and creative abilities that enable them to drag everyone else on the planet Earth, all the Earth’s many other life forms, and the Earth itself into a dense mean-spirited abyss and infect its inhabitants with a sickness that distorts the fabrics of what it is to be a human being.

Debased, Reprobate, selfish, greedy, hateful minds have surrounded the Earth with a firmament (the radiant energies of their loathsome spirits), that is a barrier to it receiving the rays of cosmic realities that are filled with a profusion of life forces in great abundance and wants desperately to basks all its many life forms lavishly with these invigorating rays.

The tree of life, which is the knowledge and wisdom of the cosmic nature, is given to life so that the entirety of life can be of one mind, and of one body, and of one form, and of one spirit, without regard to trivial differences in cosmic structure.

Instead of being a life spirit, the chosen people of god distorts and makes dysfunctional the very essence of tree of life that knows all life by one name and cradles it into one body. A branch has broken from the tree of life and proclaims itself to be of a higher nature than the tree itself as it lies arrogantly on the ground.

I am of the seed of Abraham the chosen people of god, and I have been given the right by my god to turn the world upside down and transform the very nature of life inside out.

I am the self-proclaimed master of the world and the Goy is at the very extremity of me. I even hesitate to refer to those other creatures as human beings, however, I can force myself to do so because I am generous in my loathing, even to the less fortunate.

My name is the first and the only, the beginning that has no end, the seed of Abraham, a Hebrew, an Israelite, a Jew, a this, and a that, and the other, because my god has made me a god equal to it with the authority of its malevolent divinity to rule over the Earth and its motley assortment of peoples and plummet this heavenly orb so low as to cause it to become an obscure shadow wobbling aimlessly on the fringes of universal and cosmic consciousness’s.

My name is not firm ground, but quicksand, and I lord it over the Goy of many shades, and colors, and languages, and nationalities. I kill because I hate and destroy because I can kill. I am the master and the master has the strength and the ingenuity to deform, garble, twist, disfigure, and warp the Goy’s realities because my god give these powers and abilities to me so that I may perform its purposes which are to make living life on Earth as miserable as possible for everything and everyone.

I am set apart from all other people as a chosen people to do my god's dirty work here on the planet Earth, and I love it because I fear and hate everyone. My name is not crippled in my thinking and cracked in my mind because my thinking and my mind are as sound as racism, death, greed, perversions, hatred, and destruction. I am of the seed of Abraham the chosen people of my deranged god and those who bless me will be cursed and those who curse me will be pillaged, raped, and murdered.

The fire and brimstone of my god rage inside me and will not be quenched until I have set the entire planet Earth ablaze. No peace on earth and no goodwill to anyone, not even those of my own if they do not tow the line and pursue those who only want to live free, safely, and prosperously. Escape for none and capture for all is the command of my god and those that I ensnare I will pluck out their eyes and cut off their ears so that they may not see and they may not hear what the chosen people of god are maliciously conspiring against them.

I have come out of dry blowing sand and have successfully infiltrated the nations because my cunning is inspired and empowered by my god who hates without cause and destroys just because. I want and deserve everything that the despised of god has, and everything that the scorn of god does not have, I want that as well, because I am of the select people of god, its chosen people, the dome of the flat earth, the alien Mole living in the hollow earth, the Grays flying around in the skies, the reptilians abducting everyone by night, the ravager of white womanhood, the hater of all living, the author of confusion and turmoil, the wind that extinguishes a lit candle, the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the disciples and agents of my god most low who is the ruler of this world.

I formed like mildew onto a world stage that was struggling to define itself and totally corrupted it and I absolutely adore myself for being such a stumbling block for humanity in its quest to achieving a higher state of spiritual enlightenment and a superior form of thinking. As the select of god, I have the divine right to create trouble and anxiety wherever my feet make a fiendish print and claim everything as mine of everything that belongs to everyone else. I am of the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I am a Hebrew; I am an Israelite, I am a Jew. Everyone who is claiming to be me is a bigger liar than I am and will fall flat on their faces when my next sequence of lies is unleashed upon the world stage. I am the undisputed ruler of this fourth earth epoch.

The first earth epoch (the dark gleaming) was destroyed by ice. The second earth epoch (the shining ones) was destroyed as a fallout between the warring gods. The third earth epoch (the golden-brown) was destroyed by water. And this fourth earth epoch (the pale toads) will be destroyed by the chosen people of our their god who was defeated with a breath of life by a stronger god and cast to the ground where it roars like a lion desiring to turn the earth into a desolate waste as revenge for this defeat.

I am of the chosen people of god, the set-aside ones of my god most low and all peoples and nations will eventually pay homage to me because my god is the ruler of this fourth earth epoch and has given me the mastery over it. I hate because the mean and hateful spirit of my god was grafted into my genes on the day that it formed me from a rock that got rained on.

From a primordial ooze, I raised my hairy head and hated on sight the advanced civilizations and cultures stretching out before me. I am of the seed of promise and the loins that the messiah (the Christ) will spur from and terrorize the peoples and animals of the earth as they have never been before with the chosen people of god attached at its backside working diligently to adoringly ruin everything that we touch with all hideous signs and repugnant wonders.

I smear the blood of the innocent on my doorposts and perform ritual sacrifices and burnt offerings using the peace of mind and the aspirations for a better life of the Goy as my fuel. My god is a master in distorting the truth and in making a lie seem factual and has taught me, its chosen people, all the secrets of deceit that I lavish upon the world so wonderfully. Those who are claiming to be me are like fish without fins because they sink before they swim. I and mine are the only servants of our god most low and the Goy is in no way of our fold. This I am, for I am that I am, the chosen people of god.

Heavy are the hands that crush the bones and quench the spirits of woman, child, and man for we of the genuine criminal have forged a bond of wickedness with it to root out the wonderful and replace it with ourselves. My name is not morally objectionable, but the revolting of worlds as I delight to perform the services of my god most stumpy who has engaged in mass murder from the very beginning.

How dare the spirits of luminosity and illuminations toss my god to the ground simply because it was trying to defuse the glowing structures of air and matter and bring into its bondage the entire vastness. For this cause, I, the chosen people of god was defecated from the bowels of my god most minimal to perform the services of disorder and mayhem against the Goy without regard to the planet Earth and its many other life forms. And I love my job.

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