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The Faithful Prediction Of Life

• Haunting is the howl of the lone Wolf during a still full Moon night.

• What is the lone Wolf saying to the thin air? What message is the Wolf conveying to whatsoever that hears it?

• Light and Darkness know the Wolf and its message. Light and Darkness is the Wolf and its message.

• Out of Darkness came Light. That Light ignited into Spheres and Worlds. Those Spheres and Worlds gave birth to many elements and creatures.

• Out of Darkness came everything that “IS”. Everything that is refreshes itself by transitioning into a new essence of being. This new essence of being is the constants of eternity.

• Darkness held all the ingredients of Time and Motion. With a sound, with a “WORD” Darkness explodes and creates the heavens, the dimensions, the realms, the sphere, the realities, and all that “IS”.

• In less than an instant Light and Darkness is flooded with Lights and Reflections.

• As Darkness spoke the Word everything that is came into being and time and motion became an array of many substances.

• The Dazzling of the “EVER-LIVE” is the Dazzling of all that is.

• The goal of expansion is to collapse back into the Darkness where it once existed before the Word exploded into time, motion, and matter.

• Expansion wants to collapse back into itself because of the perfect purities of this state of being.

• Expansion wants what it once had because it does not enjoy what it now has.

• Haunting is the silent cry of a lonely person during the day or the night. Many are sound asleep that seem to be fully awake.

• Light and Darkness opens a door for these ones, and all ones, to freely enter within and dwell within an aroused habitation.

• In less than an instant a fixed world can be completely transformed. Solid walls and structures can be abruptly shaken out of place in the blink of an eye and rules that are made to be broken are written down on perishable paper.

•The true and the just is just another way of saying absolutely nothing about someone.

•All human beings wallow in the clutches of corruption. The matted floor has mildew living beneath it.

• A day in the life of a person is one of many days that many cell tissues have died.

• Light and Darkness know this all too well. The evidence of light and darkness give strength to the hopeless.

• Light and Darkness welcomes the lonely at heart into Time and Motion.

• Light and Darkness is here today and gone today but the end is not yet finished because the spirit lives on.

• Do not weep with the weeper nor laugh with the foolish. Stay sound and firm to your person. Be bold in your purposes. Give joy and peace to the world. Honor the Earth and all its plants and creatures.

• Human life is only an illusion that has no earth purpose save to be born, age and grow ugly, and then die.

• What is the celestial joke behind instilling the breath of life into the dead and the dying? And why is rot left to rot away into corruption?

• Darkness and Light hold the secrets to the “EVER-LIVE” and the “Now” is contained within the many spheres of realities.

• The mortal is an accident of nature. The mortal appeared in the celestials of its own volition in lieu of any form of cosmic invitation.

• The planet Earth is a life forming engine. In all the realities, the planet Earth is the most promiscuous celestial body in giving birth to children of all types and forms.

• In the “NOW” the seeds of fabrication and conception are sprinkled throughout the dimensions of matter and anti-matter.

• In the “NOW” the inexistent becomes a reality. In the “NOW” there “IS”.

• In the “NOW” the mortal is seeded and given birth to by the planet Earth in a reality called “US”.

• Life is but an extension of death and death is a living reality in another sphere of heavenly orbits.

• The shepherd will slaughter the sheep and the lone wolf will devour the shepherd, and all will come to nothing.

• In the morning, the night will come and cast it light onto the rays of the sun, and those who are awake will fall asleep, and those who are asleep will not have any dreams.

• The concept of time has no meaning in the cosmos but is very important to those that are liable to die.

• So, with the birth of mortals throughout the realms and dimensions there also is the birth of a conscious entity called “Time” within the “NOW”.

•bTime is at enmity with the mortal from the moment of its birth into the conscious realities and has power to subdue physical matter and manipulate shadows and reflections.

• Mortals are a reflection of an illusion and a shadow of something that is not. Therefore, time itself reflects an illusion and a shadow of something that is not.

• Do not weep for the dead that has its eyes closed but moan for the dead that is walking with its eyes opened.

•bAnd so, it is, that nothing is because the “NOW” is not and the “EVER-LIVE” is a figment of nothing that will appear.

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