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The Hated and Despised Will Rule and the now Laughable Will Reign with Hands of Power

If you are a so-called “black” young man and woman believe that your own people are not your real enemies. You have been and are being brainwashed into thinking this. Your primary education conducted by the masters of this world system is to teach you to hate and despise yourself and your own people. By your thinking and behavior, you make a global laughing stock of yourselves and play right into their hateful, fearful hands.

You listen to rap and hip hop music that relentlessly beat you down and generates within you, contempt and loathing for yourself and your folks. Rap and hip hop music, in itself, is not destructive, it is the themes and the lyrics of the music that makes it a welcome addition to the enemy’s arsenal to dumb you out and make a joke of you before the eyes of all the other peoples of the world.

The very top has fallen to the very bottom of the very bottom of the pile because we have allowed those who fear and detest us to define who and what we are and to control us. We are a great and mighty people who have turned ourselves over to the appetites of slimy worms that call themselves number one. We do their street work for them against ourselves giving them the time and the comfort to devise new weapons to deploy against us in their labs and think tanks.

We beat, rob, and kill one another without blinking an eye and look on without doing a thing as pale poison pull out their guns and fill the unarmed with a thousand bullets simply because they can get away with it. The pale rodents view us as being stupid, ignorant, cowards, and totally unworthy of the pursuits of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And why should we be respected as being human beings because we are less than animals in their exalted opinion? When you are in someone’s else house they can pretty much treat you like they want to and get away with it.

Remove yourselves from the house of the ferocious beast by decontaminating your mind of the nonsense that they have infected you with. Sanitize your thinking by purging it clean of their filth and dirt. Do whatever internal housecleaning that it takes to root out those elements that trouble and hinder your progress and work for the enemy. Take a deep breath and then launch your attack with a relentless and directed goal to conquer and vanquish the flies that are now placing their worms into the human soup.

Everything that the bewildered do, say, and come into contact with validates the opinion that the cursed have about us. We are victims because we allow ourselves to be victims. We are a scorn because we do everything possible to hold one another down instead of helping to build one another up. You cannot reason with elements that bitterly hate you for no reason.

We so-called African Americans are superheroes when it comes to murdering one another and we smile in the white man’s face while he is kicking us in the @$%#. The frogs both hate and love seeing the children of the Stars slaughtering one another. They love seeing this because that is their goal. They hate seeing this because they want to hang and burn us themselves, we are stealing their fun and games.

The gnat said to the fly, "I am white." The fly answered the gnat by saying, "So am I." They both said in unison, "Let’s go find and bite and torment a boy, a girl, a nigger, a coon, a black, an African-American, a black African, a darky, a spook, a watermelon." Then they both flew off merrily telling nigger jokes along the way.

Tapeworms have entered the belly of the world, i.e., It’s peoples, its governments, its societies, its cultures, its beliefs, the land, the air, the water, the plants, the animals, its microorganisms, the space around it, and are relentlessly sucking all of the nutrients out of it while believing that they are above and beyond everything.

The strong have given themselves over to long haired savages and will not make a step to liberate themselves because they feed on what they have been taught; you are a mindless, unfeeling monkey, a coon, a nigger, a boy, a girl, a watermelon, a black, an African-American, a black African, a darky, a spook, and everything else that is demeaning and degrading.

We sang and call ourselves by the names that the demons have given us and cannot see how degrading it is for us to do this. We argue, fight, laugh, sang, talk unnecessarily loud, look at one another with snarls and mean faces, cut the fool and look absolutely uncouth and ridiculous in everyone on the planets eyes and somehow believe that we are correctly expressing ourselves.

It looks very bad for the firstborn of the human family of peoples continuing as a human species, but we are being forged by fire and will come out of the flares bright and highly polished. The shining ones will take the present rulers of this world by their insipid necks and trod them under foot and then forget about them. This is not the faith nor hope, but the guaranteed outcome for human history. The small will become great again and the great will be sent back to their dens and caves.

The young man will have pride in himself and his people. The young woman will have pride in herself and her people. The boy will become a man and support and protect his woman. The girl will become a woman and support and protect her man. The head of the house and the family will have strong arms and broad shoulders, and all who come against him and his own will be blotted out of existence.

This is the day that is coming when highly polished brass will be taken from the purifying fire and placed back into his and her rightful place in the family of nations. You were confused and now you are not. You did not know where to turn and now you make your own paths. You kissed @#$%^ and now your &^$% is being kissed. The firstborn has decisively demolished the walls that have been confining them and have moved into a higher state of existence and into a purer reality.

This is you, young man, and this is you, young woman. The sons and the daughters of the older ones are abundantly animated to work wholesome and amazing works. Their mind is to help and to complete their own. They will take hold of the Earth and cleanse and rejuvenate it and never again will the planet be given over to defilers. All of the many other life forms that inhabit the Earth plead for the moment when the children of light, life, darkness, and breath get a hold of themselves and free themselves from bondage so they too may live in peace and be free.

Young man. Young woman. Take the reckless goat by the nuts and shake it off of you. Stand your ground and slap fierce evil in the face. Crybaby times are over and done with. Know what you are, and be who you are. Define yourselves. Be strong, disciplined, creative, and brave, and see how the Earth and all of its many other life forms will rejoice that its children have finally come back home where they belong.

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