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The Prophecy of Nations That is Soon to Come Upon the World

The end of the world is a cyclical process that comes at a definite period of time, as mortals measure this humanly contrived concept.

In the immense, there is no such property as time because the immense is eternal and have no limitations nor restrictions that confine it.

The great has fallen upon the needy and they both have fallen into extreme hardships.

One day is as another filled with enmity and malice one person for the other.

During the night things that creep and slither target both the guarded and the unguarded and relentlessly bites them.

Those who presume themselves to have vision come up with exact dates as to when calamity will befall the nations, but exacting timing is ripe for the plucking as no one knows when they will be blotted out of existence.

The cyclical process of global cleansing is as sure as the shining Sun, the Moon in its orbit, and our galaxies place within this Universe.

Count your fingers and wiggle your toes you who claim to be in the know, as your prophecies are dead as soon as you utter them.

The appointed time of global sanitization is in the NOW and the NOW, is right NOW! Let us peel our depraved heads against a stone wall and hide within caves and holes.

All of our places of presumed safety will roll back and expose us to the whims of confusion and terror, the delights of which will delight in shedding us into bits.

And if two men are left alive, one will kill the other, gorge his flesh and use his skin for his attire.

And if two women are left alive, one will execute the other, munch away at her flesh and use her skin for her apparel.

The girl child weeps to her mother who has bestowed herself to demons and strange spirits offering her child as a sacrifice to that which she cannot fully comprehend.

The boy child pleads to his father who has fooled himself into believing that he is the fullness of all that is as he offers his child to emptiness and ignorance.

Do not let our courage fail us when the end is drop-kicking us in the manner that we have allowed our conceited minds to make a cosmic laughingstock of us.

We have greatly exaggerated our self-importance and hoodwinked ourselves into believing the unbelievable, that we individually or collectively are the prime root of the Stars.

And if two women see a piece of cloth for wrapping themselves with, one will be murdered, and the moths will eat the cloth away from the other.

And if two men find a crumb of bread, one will not eat, and two will die of starvation.

The end will not come suddenly, as by surprise, but will loom with much trepidation in every mind. Feet will want to run but the earth will not let them move.

Those who profess that they do not believe in anything will fall to their knees and fracture them.

And if two women are left alive they will both drop dead in no uncertain length of time.

And if two men are left alive the worms will feast upon them at the same time.

This prophecy is certain and it is complete. The moment of its coming is right NOW, but not as mortals reckon time, but the interval of NOW that the cosmos has given it.

Strap up your boots and toss them away for there is no escape for any of us that dwell within the Heavens and the Earth as our appointed time to vanish from the cosmic records is NOW!

This precise and accurate divination may seem gloomy and foreboding, but it is not because there may be a particle beam of good news embedded within it, and the good news is, the cosmos will be a purer place to inhabit with the absence of mortals that now currently defile it. Let the NOW come right NOW as is its expectation.

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