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Thoughts Of A Dying Dead Man

(AKA Loser Squared)

Thoughts Of A Dying Dead Man - AKA Loser Squared
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Thoughts Of A Dying Dead Man

Thoughts Of A Dying Dead Man (AKA Loser Squared) is a collection of some of my published articles.

These articles have been written to inform and to enlighten, and to hopefully inspire the reader into having a worldview that is not polluted by the current propaganda and indoctrination techniques employed by the current managers of this world systems.

You do not have to agree with any of the subject matter of these articles. These articles are from the perspective of the author.

Note: The book contains extreme satire Not Recommended For Children.

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Herbert Leon Hilliard, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author
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Date published: 10/02/2017
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Language: English
ISBN-13: 9781549878374
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Genre: Nonfiction > Body, Mind & Spirit > Ancient Mysteries & Controversial Knowledge
Category: Satire
223 pages
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Conspiracy Theorists

Conspiracy Theorists
Published Oct 10, 2017 2018-05-08

If you have any uncertainties, especially concerning the activities of the U.S. government and its various agencies, you have a reservoir of resources that you can pull from in the form of conspiracy theorists. They pop up like weeds in the lawn at the slightest hint of a semi or major event. They know all the answers to what has happened and exactly who is behind it. You can trust everything that they say because they are above the fold in the know.

They have a smirk attached to their faces towards the layperson because they possess a mystic knowledge that gives them insights and discernments unattainable to the average person. Everything has to be a Grand Canyon type cover-up perpetrated by the ruling powers in order to keep their serfs on their lashes. They are suspicions about any and every explanation given to explain evidence opposed to what they have concluded. Their minds are tightly sealed to all other viewpoints.

Not saying that this mindset is a tragedy but only that it is very narrow in its scope. Everyone, especially those living in a free society have the right and the duty to question those that they have elected as their stewards. However, it should be remembered that the temperament of a government is the same as the temperament of an individual person. There are some things that are not practical to be disclosed to the general public for a variety of reasons.

Many individuals do not want every detail of their private affairs publicly exposed. They feel that they have a right to a certain level of secrecy. When someone starts to get a little too nosy most people will automatically go into the cover-up and disinformation mode to maintain their preferred level of personal anonymity. This is true of the government and its agencies, however, this group has a duty to be very open in how it spends the taxpayer’s money and make administrative decisions that it makes that effect the well-being of its citizens.

The motives of conspiracy theorists differ with the individual’s personal agenda. Some do it for notoriety. Others for financial gain. Others because they want to be the know it all and show-offs. Others because they can’t find a constructive way to spend their time. They do serve a purpose by making government entities accountable for their behavior and practices. Unfortunately, most conspiracy theorists mislead, distort, and outright lie to a greater extent than the person or agency that they are calling into question.

So what can be said about the conspiracy theorists approach to information sharing? By and large, it sucks. They jump on a bandwagon and ride it down into splinters. They usually cause more confusion than clarity. They generally have no qualms about using inventions, falsehood, and a fib to promote their propaganda and agendas. They seem to view most people as being Dodo birds that can be easily hoodwinked and bamboozled by them. To this end, conspiracy theorists are generally insulting and annoying.

Fancying themselves to be the bastions of all knowledge and truth conspiracy theorists make a citadel of their viewpoints and opinions regardless of the evidence before them. They adore being the focal point of attraction and the absolute center of attention. They swim in a sea of their own self-importance and look down harshly upon anyone who has the conceited gall to disagree with them.

Yet as mentioned, they do serve a purpose as a check and balance system which is useful in keeping certain individuals and agencies on their toes. This is an investigative system that works if the conspiracy theorists have personal integrity, a strong code of ethics, and respect for others.

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