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Anguish and anxiety come via the words and pictures. And the words and the pictures comes via the mass media. The mass media is a tool used not to inform but to trouble and disturb. It is geared to create a sense of hopelessness about the present and the future.

The mass media is controlled by those few seated in dark rooms that manipulate the activities of the world like a puppet on a string. The only concern of these few is their personal wealth and power. Fame and notoriety are like a spike driven into them. This is why they live within shadows and will turn the world upside down in order to keep their identities concealed.

Hearing comes by the word and the ones who make the loudest noise are the ones who are heard. This is why one could believe that the whole world is depraved and perverted because gays make a lot of noise.

Homosexual males are a major source of the spread of hideous diseases that is causing so much agony and destroying so many lives. Homosexual males are a walking plague that sow’s sicknesses and death along their path. Homosexual females are foul seepage on a snow-white sheet. Homosexual females distort reality and make void the uniqueness of humanity in all creation.

An encompassing sense of fear and loss comes by habitually watching the daily news. And this is exactly what it is designed to do. Fear and foreboding keep the masses in a state of flux and confusion whereby they can be easily controlled and manipulated by the powers that be.

The people are led by the ears and pulled by the eyes into the serfdom of those sitting in shadowy rooms. The people's sense of hopelessness parades them into all imaginations of lawlessness.

The people lose respect for themselves and consideration for others. The people begin to view each stranger as a potential enemy and someone seeking to cause them harm. The people live day by day in a state of stress and uneasiness.

The mass media is designed to suck to life force out of the people. It is designed to turn the people into inanimate knots on a log who are envoloped with paranoia, dread, and all negatives.

The mass media is designed to transform a lie into a bigger lie and that lie into a reality. Only a very few people control the wealth of the world. They control the world's wealth not because they have some secret knowledge or some incredible gift. They control the world's wealth because they were in the right place at the right time when this current financial system was being built. They control the world's wealth because they know how to use fear and uncertainty to their advantage. They control the world's wealth because the people gives it to them.

Anguish and anxiety come via the words and the pictures that the people feed upon.

The mass media is controlled and designed to achieve the purposes and objectives of the very few seated in concealed rooms. Homosexuality is one of the tools used by this tiny upper crust to greatly reduce the human population of the planet to a level that they have decided best suits them to control and manage.

Drastically reducing the human population of the Earth is simply a management decision. They could care less about the Earth’s ecosystem and its many other life forms. For these very few the planet Earth is a company that has become bloated with excess employees and needs to be trimmed and downsized. They view people in the same way that they view a cup and a saucer on their breakfast table.

Hearing comes by the word and the word is that more than four-fifths of the Earth’s human population must die and those who remain should be of one race(White). The tiny few will eventually achieve their goals through targeted genetics. Stirring up national and world conflicts are just diversions aimed to keep the people flustered and confused. Money is just an illusion that the very few use to give their serfdom an imaginary sense of balance and something to work for during the interim before their total enslavement.

This tiny few controls the value of money and know that it is worthless except as a tool of perception. They understand that true wealth cannot be measured in dollars and cents. This is why they can wipe their behinds with a million-dollar bill then flush it down the toilet without giving any further thought to it.

Perhaps the goal and the designs of the tiny few is not a bad thing. Perhaps the world will be a much better place to live when the few exterminates the many and create a world for the future in their own image and likeness. Time is certainly going to tell as everything is in motion and moving quite nicely forward towards the final solution.

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