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United We Fall!

Who will you vote for as being the next president of the United States of America in November 2016? The current list of aspiring presidential candidates is like going down a list of grim reapers in an unclean toolbox. It is shameful that the supposed greatest nation on the planet cannot produce a better cast for election into the highest office of the land than a horde of liars, back-stabbers, sellouts, thieves, traitors, hand-me-down’s, and self-serving mongrels than what we now have.

Looking at the current top runners for the presidency the United States of America is like watching a beauty contest where all of the contestants look like old mold and mildew oozing out of a slime pit. It is extremely embarrassing that the high-tech leader of the world can only bring forth presidential candidates that have the appearance of having all gone through the trauma of a severe nuclear winter. None of them seem to have any morals and values other than their love of self.

Who will you vote for as being the next president of the United States of America in November 2016? Does it really matter who you vote for anyway as the president has already been handpicked by a select few that are shielded from public view? Look at our current puppet president, Obama. When he ran for the office of president the American people was given the illusion, was told the lie, that better days were ahead for us. But what has president Obama actually done for the people of the United States of America that has made our lives better? Nothing!

President Obama and his boyfriend Michael (Michele) has turned out to be a humongous embarrassment to the people of his kind and have given the enemy more ammunition to hurl at us to justify their ongoing control and ultimate extermination designs and policies against us. Do we, the people of the United States of America, as decent, hardworking, law-abiding, taxpaying, willing to fight and be maimed, and even die for the liberties and values of the United States of America, want to inflict ourselves with more years of people like this?

We send our troops over to other countries to clean their houses when our house is crawling with maggots that we are told that we have elected with our votes and who are immensely corrupt in every way. Americans are relentlessly under the internal assault by people who are supposed to be our champions and are managed by concealed elites that want to keep Americans at each other’s jugular vein in order to control them and reduce its and the world's population numbers to a level that seems best fitting for management.

America is being herded on the exact same path as many empires in world history. Ancient Rome fell because it could not, or would not, produce effective strong leaders anymore. Ancient Rome collapsed, or disintegrated internally, long before the barbarians attacked and destroyed it externally. Compromising and joining hands with people that secretly, and sometimes even openly, want to supplant and devour you is a successful key to servitude and disaster.

For decades’ people have been preached that a one world government is the solution to the world’s problems. This may or may not be true if you look at this concept with unselfish eyes, however, the people who are preaching this gospel are the ones who are in control now. These people foster and promote racial tensions, religious conflicts, ethnic cleansing, ravaging of the planet, bringing many of the Earth's other life forms to extinction, and every type of social unrest and economic distress that they can devise in order to keep the peoples and the nations of the world off balance so that they can remain in their exalted positions.

The laughingstock of presidential candidates for the November 2016 election, along with many senatorial and congressional candidates and state and federal judges are all crumbs cut from the same cut of handpicked bread. They are puppets that are told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it by that shadowy ruling class that comes under many names and sit their behinds on toilet stools that are equipped with solid gold flushing mechanisms.

Look at the fossils, yes-men, and yes-women, and turncoats that we have running for the November 2016 presidential election of the presidency of the United States of America. Look at them and lower your heads in shame because they are a global reflection of us. By their stone age appearance, their empty speeches, and their sagging skin they are telling the world that America is over the hill and ripe for the plucking. Remember ancient Rome and shake your head because the people of the United States have been systematically lulled to sleep by the controlled and orchestrated news media, school curricula, movies, music, cell phones, the Internet, Jesus and other forms of religion and spiritual beliefs.

That tiny pocket of elites that now rule the world use an array of tools to gain mind control of the common herd, everyone else in the world, and we are being escorted like genetically modified organisms to the slaughter and do not even know it because we are being kept distracted by other issues. It is our right and duty to vote, even if our votes do not determine the outcome of a rigged election, so why not this election we forget about those lapdogs and traitors that the higher-ups have given us and write in someone who is young, strong, not a part of and not afraid of confronting the system.

What do we have to lose except our freedoms and everything else that we value if we simply go along with what we are being spoon fed by those who look down on all of us and could care less about destroying all of us? As a matter of fact; these self-proclaimed elite’s; self-proclaimed because they placed themselves in these offices of power and influence like thieves breaking into a house, ultimate goal is to murder ninety percent of the world's population and all races that they deem as being undesirables and lord over a humbled mass of cauliflowers.

Who will you vote for as being the next president of the United States of America in November 2016? Vote for yourselves. Vote for your children. Vote for your grandchildren. Vote for America. Vote for the peoples of the Earth. Vote for the planet Earth. Vote for all of the planet's other life forms. Get rid of those self-serving destroyers that spend every waken hour devising means and methods to control and kill everything. Let's do to them what they are planning to do to all of us. They have been in the driving seats for much too long and is leading the world over the cliff with their greed, their better-than-thou attitude, and their need to stay in control. Vote for Us (the peoples of the world), the planet Earth, and all of its many other life forms in November 2016.

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