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Using Your Thinking as Part of Your Anti-Aging Regimen

I am not a Bible thumper, however, there is a certain verse in the Bible that I have been considering lately; and it reads, "Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s" (Psalms:102:5). What is this verse saying that I should take to heart?

The "Who" in this verse, is, of course, God. The word "mouth" in this verse can be inferred as being a reference to the mind, the way that we rationalize and reason, and our thoughts. "good things," "youth," and, "renewed," should be self-explanatory.

The word "eagle’s," in this verse can probably be inferred as being a reference to flight (a free spirit, soaring, unencumbered).

Now that I have a few basic definitions of certain words in this verse to work with, what can I deduce from this Bible verse that I can put to best practices? My thinking influences my temperament and disposition at any given moment. What comes out of my mouth is a product of my thinking.

My thinking also has an influence on the way that I physically feel (my health). So what does all this mean and how can I use this to combat the appearance of aging that so disquiets me when I see my reflection looking old and ugly back at me in the mirror? Mirror, mirror on the wall, gosh darn it.

This could mean that I have the cognitive ability to manage my aging processes. Not that I can think myself back to youth or stall the aging processes. There comes a point in everyone’s life, if they live long enough, that becoming old and ugly is a given, there is nothing that can be done about this except somehow learning to comfortably live with it. Many factors interact with each other to produce physical aging.

Many of these factors are beyond our ability to control, such as the radiation of the Sun (even when we attempt to hide ourselves behind sealed shelters), micro-organisms that live and breed on and within our dirt bodies, our Solar System and our Galaxy moving into different regions of the Universe, to name a few.

However, if the way that I think of myself when I look in the mirror, how I think of other people, and of my world is unadulterated and wholesome it will produce words of refreshment and renewal from my mouth. Many wrinkles, blotches, dark spots, and sagging skin come from stress and worry.

The quantity of stress and worry that is resident within me has a direct bearing on my health as well as on my physical appearance. There are some factors contributing to the processes of my aging that I cannot control, but my thinking is not one of them.

Unconstructive thought habits drain the electrical charges that sustain every cell in my body. As the energies of these cells are reduced deformations began to appear in my physical appearance and the way that I feel.

The consequences of this damaging thought habit are many, one being wrinkles appearing before their time that is exaggerated beyond what they would have been under natural aging conditions.

Some people who claim themselves to be in the know attribute sagging skin to gravity. Gravity may be a cause of sagging skin, except for one thing, gravity is just a theory and does not really exist.

The loss of collegian and elastin in the skin as we age are two of many factors that result in sagging skin. How positive thinking can combat sagging skin is an experiment in progress. I will give you an update on the progress of this experiment in roughly one hundred and ten years, stay tuned.

"Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s" (Psalms: 102:5).

"Mouth", a tool used for broadcasting my thoughts among other things. "Good things", wholesome and uplifting things and personality traits given and received. "Youth is renewed", reducing wrinkles, blotches, dark spots, and sagging skin and invigorating my mind by thinking positively.

"like the eagle’s", becoming unencumbered by stress and worry as much as possible, taking a light-hearted view of myself, thinking graciously and kindly of others, accepting the inevitable whether I like it or not, soaring in free-flight even in the face of metamorphosing into a walking fossil.

Practicing this Bible verse as a daily way of living my life may have the benefit of being an inexpensive supplement to any anti-aging regimen that I may undertake.

My thinking both uplifts and deflates me and can turn one day into a number of months of physical aging if the structure of my thoughts is negative, or I am constantly in the company of negative acting and thinking people.

Using this Bible verse to hide and improve the effects of aging may or may not work for me, but when I look at myself in the mirror, what the hell, why not give it a go.

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