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What Happened to Moby Dick?

What happened to Moby Dick? Folklore has it that he swam away with the ship’s captain tied to him.

If this folklore is true, the murky depths is a silent witness to the indomitable failure of that ship’s captain in not showing the proper respect for one of the Earth’s precious inhabitants.

Even today it is very commonplace for so-called intelligent life to indiscriminately murder for any and every reason possible, and also, to commit homicide for no rational reason quite often.

Many folks will say that this is human nature, however, the true nature of humans is in harmony with the ether and does not prey upon itself and other creatures by default.

The victimizer became the victim as the prey turned the tables on the unrestrained savage and descended to the very bottom of the sea with him.

The bones of the hunter fell limb by limb to the ocean floor as the victor gracefully swam taking no never-mind of where a dislodged bone may find its resting place.

Mercy and unmerited favor do not discriminate between the micro-organism and the anatomically modern human.

Final justice comes to both the small and the great, and even though this lawfulness may not seem to come for some, the court has been dismissed and the verdict has been rendered by resonant destinies and brilliantly glistening strobing lights.

What happened to Moby Dick? As the story goes, the great whale grew sick and tired of being stalked by malicious intentions and attacked its attackers with a furious rage.

Wood splinters littered the waves as the cries of the drowning were still and hollow within an unfeeling and indifferent sky.

Darkness covers the face of the sea as survivors hope that a miracle will be a godsend for them.

Those who show no compassion and mercy scream and yell for deliverance, rescue, compassion, and mercy as the waters of life and death encompass them.

Seagulls make a fly-by pelting their wayward heads with a callous greeting and the fish distance themselves a considerable distance away from the fatally submerging.

Eyes filled with hatred and vengeance pierce the very soul of the obnoxious captain of the whaler.

Baby whales have been slaughtered to manufacture cheap smelling soaps, perfumes, and candle oil.

A mother whale with a growing infant inside of her is rammed by the ship and cleaved in half as her unborn child is robbed of experiencing any portion of living its life.

Lash out and destroy the destroyers before they extinguish one more innocent life.

Smash and pound the venomous predators for the sake of the blameless. Take to the depths of the sea the harbinger of death and let his corrupt bones fall where they may on the ocean floor.

What happened to Moby Dick?

As one unsubstantiated fable has it, he eventually hooked up with a sexy girly whale, married her and they produced a boy and a girl whale.

The chains that secured the captain of the whaler around Moby Dick unraveled and fell to the sea floor where it crushed the skull bones of the monstrous captain who murdered for profit and killed for enjoyment.

Unfortunately, as one despicable die another takes his or her place to pillage and ravage and steal valuable things from the essence of the planet that can never be replaced.

So it can be said, "Come bright and shining and make this right," so that all of the inhabitants of the Earth, and the planet itself, can live in peace and safety as all were intended to in the beginning.

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