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What are you looking for?

What are you looking for? Are you looking for the Christ to come and bring heaven to Earth? Are you looking for the Antichrist to come with annihilation and destruction? Are you looking for Planet X to make a devastating flyby of the planet Earth?

What are you looking for? How long-suffering, can and should, the watcher be for certain events to unfold that will bring an end and a beginning to what we humans now know, think, and feel about our realities?

The Planet Earth is gearing for another one of its mass extinction events to cleanse itself of organisms that are upsetting its natural and biological balance. Human beings are the infestation that is now causing horrific distress to the Earth and its other life forms.

The planet Earth is a living life form.

The Planet Earth is a physical and spiritual being.

The planet Earth has thoughts, feelings, and emotions. When its soils, its waters, its vegetation’s, its atmosphere, and any of its life forms are violated the planet experiences much pain.

What are you looking for? Are you looking for the polar caps to melt? Are you looking for massive earthquakes and the eruption of super volcanos? Are you looking for the Earth to suddenly tilt to a new axis position?

Are you looking for a global nuclear war to come? What are you looking for? The vast majority of people around the world are looking for gloom and doom. They cannot see any positive outcome to the world in which we live.

This sentiment of impending disaster is a spirit that feeds upon human anxiety and hopelessness. It grows stronger by the person. It has become a life force of its own. It has become the controller moving people, individually and collectively, towards the paths of their envisioned annihilation. It is no longer being fed, it is now the sower of despondency that will blossom into itself. It has a name and its name is called me.

What are you looking for? If you are looking to be devoured. You will be. If you are looking for the Christ, then make manifest that which is already within you. The planet Earth has been around for billions of years and will maintain itself for billions of years more.

Human beings are a product of the Earth; thus the Earth has the right to clip an ingrown toenail that is troubling it. That which is delaying the sanitizing hands of the Earth is the counsels of darkness and lights that has compassion for the mortal.

Yet even this counsel will soon say that it is enough and allow the Earth to commence its purging processes and wash itself clean of all human beings if a change of mind does not come to them.

The negative spirit of gloom and doom can be soundly relinquished by a positive spirit of love and stewardship. The Lion crouches to leap upon a prey. The sheep are running in circles because they refuse the guidance of the shepherd. The day is over and night has come.

In the darkness, the brightness of the Stars can be clearly seen. Each Star has as its name a particular person, past, present, and future. The luminosity of a person’s Star is a reflection of their thinking and their understanding of light and darkness and their place within it.

What are you looking for? A mark of some beast, a three-digit number, or the purification of your thinking that will ground you within the wealth of NOW and make the Earth very happy that it has conceived and given birth to you.

Who are you?

It is a horrific crime against yourself to allow other people to dictate how you live, think, and feel. When you allow people to do this you have surrendered your freedom of person to them. You feel anxious and nervous and even angry when you are around people.

You become a shut-in. You see days and nights passing that could have been well spent outdoors but you opt to remain in a self-imposed bondage because you allow people to make you feel uncomfortable.

When you allow other people to rule you your creative abilities are squandered. You know that you need to network in order to accomplish your goals and dreams but you start getting a headache when the prospect of encountering people is before you.

You tell yourself that you will settle down and relax but it takes little to nothing to cause you to be tense and edgy when you are among the fold. You have become a willing slave to a flock of unknowns.

Today I live. Today I die. Life is that fragile and brief. When you allow people to influence how you feel you have jumped aboard a roller-coaster that is completely out of your control.

With your permission, strangers have filtered into your body and are making you ill. You feel depressed. You feel agitated. You feel soiled and dirty. You are what nonentities want you to be. You are their willing vassal to do with you as they please.

The moment has come and gone. Birth, aging, and then death, and you have not lived a single second of it because you have permitted vandals to rule over you.

When you allow people to dictate your thinking you have sealed yourself within a tight vacuum. You have drastically restricted the amount of fresh air that you have to breathe.

Positive thinking desperately struggles to overcome the negative thought patterns that you have allowed people to plague you with.

Your thinking is the core that makes you, you. When you give away your individual thinking you become a carcass riddled with nothing. You are now a fake and a fraud pretending to be a self-contained human being.

The pigs and the chickens walk all over you. Your brain cells are drying up and dying because you are allowing non-essentials to employ them.

It is a horrific crime against yourself to allow other people to dictate how you live, think, and feel. This consumption will destroy you if you allow it to. It is not an easy task to overcome this mindset when you have given it permission to infiltrate you.

You have to look beyond yourself because your self-consciousness is the big foot that is kicking you in the rear and giving wanderers command and control over you. Take a stand for yourself. Ignore the ignorable.

Step briskly within the rays of you. Do not allow polluters to defile you and do not corrupt yourself by being what others will have you to be.

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