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Why Medicines Do Not Work?

The simple reason why medicines do not work is because medicines are not designed to cure an illness but to control people and make money for specific interest groups. There is a longstanding and ongoing design to greatly reduce the human population of the earth by people who think that they know what is best for all concerned.

There are certain groups of people of the human family that are placed high on the hit list of universal annihilation by the elements that are presently ruling the world.

These vermin that proclaim themselves to be the human elite have not the slightest concern nor conscious about turning the planet Earth into an uninhabitable wasteland to achieve their goals of remaining in power and control. People of European and Arab descent are the illegitimate children of the firstborn and this is why they seek our death and their entire agenda is to continuously hate, destroy, and steal for their profit.

The narcissistic take pride in themselves for their proficiency in transforming purity into rot because they know that a creeping thing has come along and implanted its weeds into them. These human genetic defects are very late bloomers onto the world scene and since their arrival, they have been very persistent in turning the natural order inside out to gain the advantage over the highly polished ones, who are now very low, but soon will be very high when they get their act back on track.

The meek will inherit the earth with a baseball bat and a gun. Clean your house first before even thinking about attempting to clean someone else’s house. Their ways are not your ways, unfortunately, you do not have the vaguest idea of what your ways are because they have deliberately disconnected you from your history so that they can define you to their liking by virtue of your ignorance of yourself.

They that called themselves special and civilized wail and moan over dogs and cats while cheering and dancing at the sight of a smoldering human head.

You adore those who laugh at you and detest you, and you have much animosity towards those who are one and the same with you. Do not weep about your current plight because you have done this to yourselves by giving your strength to the barbarian which has allowed them to become stronger than you.

Your marching orders have long been prepared for you, so throw the first stone that will destroy strongholds and stumbling-blocks and put the enemies that are within you and without to flight.

Hate those who hate you and slaughter those who want to slaughter you. A black eye for a black eye and a broken neck for those who deride you for no reason other than the fear of you and wanting to lift themselves higher than their native station.

Take your medicines as directed, and shut your mouth about them not helping you, just who do you think that you are that you should be given a cure.

Learn how to hate and what and who to hate. Hate can be motivating and creative, just look at your diehard enemy who spends every awaken hour of the day and night hating you and devising every sort of scheme and technique to destroy you. This is productive hate because it has a clear program and a guided focus and purpose, killing you.

Millions of dollars are paid to illiterates for playing with a ball while millions are dying of the lack of clean water and starvation. The arenas of Rome have been passed down to continue in its wickedness and profane the promise of happy go lucky in this life.

This is how inside out in their thinking the rulers of this world are and how little they value human life, except their own, whose bottom line is power and control. If someone hits you turn the other cheek so that they can break it too.

Do not concern yourselves that you have created a thousand other ailments by medicating one because your healthcare provider has another hodgepodge of medications to give you that will relieve the side effects of that one. So be of great cheer and defecate in the miseries that prescribed poisons have brought upon you.

The duck went swimming and drowned while the oldest child behaves like a fool and a clown. It is impossible to have respect for someone else when you do not have any respect for yourself. And those who let those who will are sure to be rolled over by a bulldozer. Why are you glaring at me that way because I don’t even know you and care even less about you?

The animal act is a global attraction and the performance is free of charge, but who really wants to watch it as efficiency and achievements that benefit the nations is a far better attraction than idiotic stupidity.

You look outwardly to find the source of your troubles but the core of your distresses resides within you. Oh, my darling people. The mighty and the strong who are created to rule the heavens, why have you allowed mongrel dogs to have mastery over you? Recapture the source of your strength and return home again.

To those who have, everything will be taken away from them, and to those that have nothing, nothing will be given to them. You extend your hands for help instead of helping yourselves, and the ones who are calling themselves helping, you are the very ones that are creating bad days and nights for you because you foolishly have put your faith in them. Take a pill and go to sleep, and if all goes well you will die quickly.

The medicine cabinet is bulging with tools that do nothing but take up the room.

You call yourselves the faithful of Allah, but I call you dung heaps. You carried off the reason why this sphere of realities was created, placing the men into servitude and forcing your sexual attentions upon the women. Millions you murdered without a sense of conscious because you cannot feel what you do not have. If it were not for the ground that you stand on you would be the nothings that you are.

The pharmaceutical industries are not our friends and will develop any and everything to deplete our bank accounts. The pharmaceutical industries are controlled by the higher-ups that are using them to conduct human experiments and be the SUV for population management.

Don’t you who wear the crooked turbans know that your worth is not in you but in the land that you defile? You have sandblasted Kemet (Egypt) with your perverted seed that now have the disrespect to claim a heritage and a culture that you sand dwellers have nothing whatsoever to do with.

Wake up and smell the reeking stink of your turbans and forget not to cut your throats as an offering to your fake god. To eat today and tomorrow or to pay for my medications, that is the concern. I will toss a coin to see which is best for me, today.

They tell you that they are prolonging and saving your life, but they are slowly killing you to earn a living. They live in fine homes with swimming pools and servants while you worry about paying your utility bills and placing a chicken in the pot on the stove.

They ask you questions during your visits with them, but not to evaluate your treatments, but to gather information about the drugs and medical techniques that they are inflicting on you so that they can improve their murder methods. They want to place you into the bondage of addiction so that you are dependent on them, and this is why medicines do not work because they are not designed to.

Medicines do not work because finding cures do not put money in the bank and go against the plan to reduce the world’s populous by ninety percent.

Developing killer and debilitating viruses are more profitable in the long run than developing cures because you get money from both the deathbed and the hospital bed.

If there is another species in the universe like human beings, let us hope that they are so far away that they will never reach us, because if they do, human madness will go into a total eclipse to a species that is lightyears ahead of our abilities to obliterate and annihilate.

Wake up and smell the people that you are burning in the fires and hanging in trees. You threw more than two hundred million men, women, and children into the sea in order to lighten the ship's cargo.

Over a billion vindictive spirits are restless in their graves waiting for the call to be raised up and take vengeance on you. Take your medications and suffer and die just the same because you are only a number that the elite wants to x out anyway.

Putting your faith in your enemy is what they want you to do so that they may sweep you under the rug without the use of a broom. A huge hand full of medications to be taken each and every day, and not a sign that anything positive to your health has been made.

A hundred dollars or more for a single pill and a pill a day will keep the doctor coming. They knew that many of you would turn to natural remedies to avoid their traps so they made a concerted effort to pollute the land, the water, the plants, and the air.

Raindrops are falling on my head and in a moment my eyes will be running and my head will be aching. Dry up and blow away is what they tell you if you do not have the money to pay.

But know, all you who fancy themselves as being at the top of the food chain, that eyes are fixed upon the antics of the beast nations and a sword is about to be plunged into them that will rip their souls out of their bodies and cast them into a place that has no name nor face.

Medicines do not work because they are not designed to. So live, suffer, and die with them because we are in the test tubes of the so-called elite and there is absolutely not a shred of hope for the Earth and it's many life forms unless we get rid of them promptly.

Note: ("Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head" is a song written by Hal David and Burt Bacharach for the 1969 film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Recorded by B. J. Thomas)

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