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Fatally Pathetic

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Fatally Pathetic:
The Story of an Ill-fated Conception

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Date of Addition: 2015-02-03
Copyright Date: 2015
Copyrighted By: Herbert L Hilliard
Adult content: Yes
Language: English US

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Put down and demeaned starting at a very early age by the person expected most to be affectionate and uplifting towards me. The woefully pathetic one(me) has made a living of habitually making bad choices and decisions in every aspect of my pathetic life.

My feelings of sexual inadequacy regarding the size of my penis have influenced me into engaging in homosexual activity, tormenting and physically abusing women, becoming an introvert, and, by any set of standards, making a total and complete mockery of my life.

Spending a decade in the grips of drug addiction and being infected with HIV, I nonetheless continue to make every effort to achieve something noteworthy of myself by overcoming the deranged and morbid mindset that has dictated my life.

Those who have experienced disaffection in the family, abuse drugs, are infected with HIV, have a feeling of sexual inadequacy can relate to this pathetic story.

Note: The subject matter of this biography May Not Be Appropriate For Children.


Meaningless Thoughts

Published June 26, 2010
Date Modified 2015-02-03

Death comes, and for some, death comes much later than it should. In death, the animated dead is now inanimate as it should be. No one is to cheer, and no one is to morn, as nothing has come, and nothing has gone. Death is formed in the instant of conception when that which should not be, is.

The death clock (which most call life) should have never started. The death count (which most call life) should not have had a beginning. So, what is that which should have never been born to say in the face of nothing to say? NOTHING! May death in life be over with as soon as possible.

Next meaningless thought:

I’ve had a thought-provoking reoccurring dream. My reoccurring dream is that someone somewhere is listening to me. I have no idea as to whom this person is, but I thank them for listening to me.

Their image is vague, and their substance is shadowy, yet their frequency is high in their desire to communicate with me. We live half of our lives in a dream state and there is often a hidden message to every dream.

My reoccurring dream of someone somewhere listening to me means nothing to anyone else. My reoccurring dream of someone somewhere listening to me is merely my loneliness joshing me.

Next meaningless thought:

I close my eyes as I am falling asleep. I open my eyes when I am awakening from sleep.

So what?