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Not Taking the Time to Understand

Not taking the time to understand what you think that you want is the cause of much frustration and anguish in your life. You ask yourself why you are not able to accomplish the task that you have given yourself, and you begin looking for someone or something outside of yourself as being the culprit behind your lack of success.

Your principal hindrance is you, or to be more precise, your methods of thinking that deprive you of using critical analysis skills. So, what can you do to alleviate yourself of this reasoning deficit that is keeping you at a standstill?

You must first understand that your method of processing data is a habit that you have developed, and like any habit, moving too fast without thinking can be overcome with practice. You must place that which you think that you want inside the broader picture of your life and see how it fits.

If none of this works, find a tree with sturdy branches and hang yourself. It is better to move into another dimension of existence than to be trapped in an unproductive one that you have created for yourself.

Your thinking is the cause of your problems, as you do not take the time to think but choose to act on instincts. You quickly move into a new endeavor using the same approach that has not yielded any benefits at any time before, unconsciously replicating activities that have repeatedly failed without realizing it.

Every individual has the responsibility for crafting the world view that is the best fit for them. Eternity does not allow anyone to give their thinking abilities to anyone else. Not taking the time to understand what you think that you want is allowing that which you think that you want to do your thinking for you.

I think that I want her in my arms but is that the best place for her to be. If I take the time to think more about this, I may see that she is the ultra-wrong woman that I should want to be in my arms. Without carefully thinking, I then go ahead and make life difficult for both myself and her by holding someone in my arms that should not be there.

Not taking the time to understand what you think that you want usually leads to weak and uncertain behavior. Weak and uncertain behavior often leads to a barrier that you have inserted where what you have set out to do is not done.

I think that I want to kiss her mouth, but she has some type of cold or allergy, so should I really do this. The lack of using critical thinking cause me to kiss her and I end up taking a trip to the hospital emergency room for my thoughtlessness.

Now, what is the point of what I have said? I don’t know because I have not taken the time to think about what I am saying.

Nauseous Humanity – Vomitus Thinking

Sick people have gotten everyone on the planet as mentally ill as they are. Allowing themselves to be influenced by the pathologically deranged the Earth’s peoples have become foolish. The peoples of the world no longer know whether they are male or female. They have lost the sense of themselves and are whatever the bizarre wants them to be.

Without having a correct concept of what a human is, the newcomers that now strongly influence the affairs of the world are creating a world filled with mindless drones. They are discreetly fashioning a biosphere of gullible idiots who accept everything told them without thinking.

An invisible man in the sky is where the answers to life’s questions are to come. With a childlike naivety, peoples who should know better accept a history that is being told to them that is overflowing with lies. Lies craftily devised to give the shaggy hair more importance than they deserve, which the firstborn of the cosmos foolishly takes to heart.

A good vomit is what the planet itself, and its many life forms require to cleanse itself of the ice people that are currently troubling it and its peoples. Unwisely allowing the cultural thief to rob you of yourself is what the mirror that is looking back at you is telling you that it does not like about you.

The peoples of the Earth are now at their lowest point willfully inflicted upon them by creatures that honestly believe that they have brought the world to its highest pinnacle. A hollow shell cannot impart anything worthwhile to their children. The children have nothing but a bare discharge as an example of what a thinking adult is.

Even the creatures that have created this mess desperately want it to end as they earnestly look forward to being caught up in a hail of smoke by a nonexistent savior who is one-third of an imaginary god.

Vomitus thinking is the rule of today as people have politely surrendered, even wanting the desire to think for themselves. The stadium of ignorant bless is packed, and the willingly thoughtless herd adores it.

Those who think that they are the authorities are the summit of humanities plummet and will be the first to self-detonate when the Earth begins a new mass extinction cycle.

Considering The Things

Considering the things that I have said and done, the cosmic forces have been exceptionally merciful to me. I tell myself this when I am in a disposition to feel sorry for myself. Complete oblivion should have been my sentence long ago, but ALL-Mother has shown favor towards me.

I have not done well for myself with the technique of decision making. I have hurt people when I have had no intention of doing so. I have made a fool of myself without provocation. Of course, this sounds like feeling sorry for myself, and in a way, it is.

Some people make themselves feel better by saying something like, “It could be worst.” Which it can, but it can also be better. It does not give me a certain amount of relief by reminding myself that the worst could be even ghastlier. I find no comfort in the fact that someone else is hurting more than me.

I wish that we all be young, beautiful, healthy, and happy. I have decided that being alone is my best avenue of performance for other person’s sake, whoever that other person may be. I do not enjoy being alone, but that is the perfect place for me, given my inclination to generously say and do the wrong things.

Considering the things that I have said and done, my abode should be on the extreme another side of nowhere. There I can languish in myself until death comes if death wants me. I can only hope that the people I offended have not allowed it to produce a dimension of negativity in their thinking and life.

In an unrelated matter, I keep getting reminders to vote. The last time I voted is a silent source of shame for me now when I think of it. My voting days are over. It does not matter anyway, as it is just an illusion to keep the peasants appeased.

My feet hurt, but that’s ok because it could be worse, and it could be much better. I get nervous when I have to be around people because now that I have grown old and ugly, I do not like the way that I look. I do not like being to myself, but being to myself does not harm anyone else.

What I am saying seems like I am feeling sorry for myself, and I guess I am, but who cares, when I think of blood I cannot eat meat.