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The Doctor and Thea
By Herbert L Hilliard
Publication Date:Dec 25 2012
ISBN/EAN13:1481839454 ISBN:9781481839457 Paperback ISBN: 9781728918433
226 Pages
Related Categories: Fiction / Short Stories / Erotica
Kindle Price = $7.00 Print Price = $8.90 Amazon Matchbook Price: $2.99

The Doctor is a facial reconstruction surgeon who meets Thea as he makes his way back to his clinic.

Thea is a burn victim and also a drug addict. Love and romance are the results of this meeting.

The Doctor And Thea were inspired by the author’s personal experience as a crack cocaine addict and successfully graduating from a drug rehab center.

Note: This book has explicit content. Adult Novel NOT A BOOK FOR CHILDREN.

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Copper Chestnut


Copper Chestnut energizes me like a soothing rain shower. In her, I have never experienced such a sensation of warmth before. In a world of people who are becoming even more depraved, Copper Chestnut is a cosmos unto herself who has made me a part of her inspiriting reality. I honor and adore Copper Chestnut.

Copper Chestnut is the clarity of correctness. Copper Chestnut is the engagement of unspoiled delivery. I know this to be true whenever I think of her. I am strong when I am in the firm embrace of Copper Chestnut’s arms. I respect and admire Copper Chestnut.

I find myself in the comfort of Copper Chestnut’s eyes when I have gone astray. The dark matter of the universe that sustains me is Copper Chestnut’s name. Copper Chestnut is the dark energy of the heavens who nourish me. I know that what I am saying is genuine when I press my lips to Copper Chestnut lips.

Building and keeping are silient and meaningful relationship is the hope and the goal of every couple. A sincere heart is needed to do this successfully, along with love, patience, forgiveness, trust, mutual respect, and understanding. A shared sense of purpose and direction should be agreed upon and followed by both parties.

Relational difficulties occur because two unique and different personalities are trying to forge a single bond. Copper Chestnut and I understand that we cannot understand everything about each other. We accept one another as we are. All I need to do is cradle bliss. Copper Chestnut is utopian bliss at it’s must exquisite, and I adore her.

When Copper Chestnut gazes into my eyes, Copper Chestnut is looking into paradise, for in my eyes is Copper Chestnut’s reflection. My happiness does not come from Copper Chestnut. Copper Chestnut is my happiness. I am captivated by Copper Chestnut, and I thrive in it.

Copper Chestnut and I communicate to one another through our life energies, and what we say to each other is the substance of infinite vitality. I revere Copper Chestnut, and I let her know it.