Thoughts Of A Dying Dead Man

Poetry About Life

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The poetic thoughts of a dying dead man / short synopsis

Thoughts Of A Dying Dead Man (AKA Loser Squared) is a collection of some of my published articles. These articles have been written to inform and to enlighten, and to hopefully inspire the reader into having a worldview that is not polluted by the current propaganda and indoctrination techniques employed by the current managers of this world systems.


You do not have to agree with any of the subject matter of these articles. These articles are from the perspective of the author.

Cognitive Elevation

For more articles written by the author visit and


Note: The book contains extreme satire Not Recommended for Children.

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Stop Saying It

by Herbert L Hilliard

To say that Black Lives Matter is offensive, so black people should stop saying it. Black Lives Matter is an insulting statement that demeans, degrades, and dehumanizes people of color.


Those who choose to grovel to others do not deserve respect, only achieving silent contempt and scorn. You cannot be yourself living in someone else’s house. You will always have to play by their rules and be under their supervision.

Love and respect yourself as well as one another. Build an unassailable economic nation by pooling your resources and fending for yourselves. Stop asking your enemy for empathy, sympathy, and help. Separate yourself and create an inviolable house of your own.

Get rid of the slave mentality so strategically whipped into you. The time of turning the other cheek, which can be either side of the buttocks to kick and loving those who hate and despise you is long dead and gone.

Stop saying it. Stop placing labels on yourself. You are the dark matter that holds together and energizes the cosmos, so start behaving like it. We have allowed the enemy to whitewash us into believing that we are our enemy, and so we conduct ourselves accordingly towards one another without thinking.

Pull your pants up over your behind and stand erect. Love, respect, and take care of your woman and children. Prove that your life matter by fortifying yourself and your people. Be creative and inventive. As a group, we are the most abundant nation on this planet, but we give our money away, enriching everyone except ourselves.


Stop calling yourself Black and African American because you are neither. Stop tagging yourself with the strawman’s definitions. Stop being a joke and reclaim your place as the rightful rulers of the cosmos.

Take control of your brain and live.