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Thoughts Of A Dying Dead Man EBook
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250 pages
Publisher: Amazon
October 1, 2017
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1549878379
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Thoughts Of A Dying Dead Man (AKA Loser Squared) is a collection of some of my published articles. These articles have been written to inform and to enlighten, and to hopefully inspire the reader into having a worldview that is not polluted by the current propaganda and indoctrination techniques employed by the current managers of this world systems. You do not have to agree with any of the subject matter of these articles. These articles are from the perspective of the author.

Note: The book contains extreme satire Not Recommended For Children.

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How Much?

Published July 26, 2015


How much is being physically and mentally healthy, and feeling good about yourself is worth to you? Do you measure your well-being and peace of mind in monetary values? If you do, so well for you as everyone must find their own path in this portal called life.

The path of life that I try to travel is to embrace. I have chosen to embrace minding my own business. I have determined to curtail negative thoughts about myself and about others as soon as they materialize and not allowing them the fester and take root.

For many years I felt that I would not live to be thirty years of age. I have done so, and what does it mean? Would it not have been better if I had never been born than to live for a moment, grow old and ugly, and then die?

Several times during my life, death has approached me and turned to the side. Is it possible that even death does not consider me as being worthy of it? As death does not have the same cares and concerns as the living, I do not believe that worthiness is the reason why it has shunned me thus far.


How much is feeling good about your self worth to you? Is it worth doing harm to other people, harming other life forms, or devastating the environment in which you live?

I took her by the hand and kissed it tenderly at which she warmly smiled at me. So, what is to be made of her response? Perchance romance will be the byproduct of her reaction to my kiss.

The wind has blown, and the storm will come. Suddenly in a clear azure-sky particle matter will be consumed at the speed of thought, and that which exists will no longer be.

How much is your feeling of wholesomeness worth to you? The melancholy has dejected the downcast, and the wretched has a smile on his or her face. And none of these temperaments are well suited for those of us that have decided to own positive personality traits.

My thoughts and desires are of Radiant Blackness, yet I cannot find her. I have looked above, and I have looked beneath, I have looked inwardly, but Radiant Blackness is still but a dream to me.

What does it take to help you to feel whole and complete? Is it this, or is it nothing else? Perhaps it is yourself who gives you a feeling of wellness.

The shadows have engulfed me. I am not young anymore. My thoughts are not for me but of my younger ones that are coming behind me. What can, and should I do for them? I have wasted my life in my life. Is this what I should tell them?


I will keep my mouth closed, as I am the least of all to be giving anyone a suggestion. Paradise cannot find a more perfect place to exist other than within the confines of Radiant Blackness’s dark complexion. Within the dimensions of here and beyond, I hold Radiant Blackness very close and very tenderly.

How Much?