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The Author's choice is a collection of three contemporary romance short stories and one book dealing with spirituality and the after-life that are written solely for your entertainment and amusement and to stir your imagination. The contents of these books are exhilarating, stimulating, and majestic. Buy Now!

Triple Romancing

Triple Romancing
Triple Romancing by Herbert L Hilliard and published by amazon.com is a romance novel consisting of a selection of three contemporary short love stories that will grab the reader's attention from the first few paragraphs and keep the reader delighted throughout the remainder of the book.

These three short love stories are among the best romance stories online. They will amaze and tantalize the reader with they’re frankness that is explicit in every line of these three short love stories.

These tales are written in a steady and even flow of events that are nonetheless unpredictable and surprising as one moment leads to the next in a suspenseful wave of romance and passion. One can easily be swept up in the cloaks of passionate imaginations and fantasies by the tales that are portrayed in these three love stories. There is adventure and romance and the unexpected all encased within three random examples of how unpredictable life can be.

In Deloris and Stagecoach love comes by an unusual set of circumstances that are premeditated by a conscious human action to win a mate for love, sex, and companionship.

In Deloris and Stagecoach, the parties involved are strong willed people who have fixed ideas about themselves and are willing to take advantage of situations that come their way to promote those ideas.

In Deloris and Stagecoach, the process of dating is truncated by decisive actions and willful designs to accomplish romantic goals. The ends justify the means and in spite of taking a big chance on rejection and possible criminal prosecution acceptance wins out and love is born.

Coming is a satire about human nature and the evidence of evil. The young girl in the story is a caricature of the people of the Earth and all other beings in the Universe that have a like nature as Earth mortals. This is not a spiritual satire nor have anything to do with end time prophesy.

Do not miss out on the sensual experience and erogenous adventure that can be gained by the reading of this kindle romance eBook. Read excerpts of this book online free.
Note that the contents of this book is explicit. This book is not for children.

Published by: CreateSpace
Date published: 12/25/2012
Edition: 1
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9781452852751
ISBN: 1481839454
Genre: Family & Relationships / Love & Romance
98 pages
Currency USD
$7.00 Paperback
$7.00 EBook
Kindlematchbook Price:$2.99
In stock
Buy at: CreateSpace eStore
Buy at: amazon.com
Available in Ebook and Paperback

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