Buffalo West

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BuffaloWest - Steamy Western Romance Novel
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Buffalo West a Steamy Western Romance Novel.

Discover the captivating world of Buffalo West, a steamy western romance novel that takes you on a thrilling journey through the American West. Great Books at Great Prices await you.

Step into the shoes of an ex-army sergeant as he takes on the ultimate mission: establishing a town settlement in the rugged west. Experience the adventure and resilience of the pioneers. Discover Buffalo Soldier

Immerse yourself in the passion and adventure of a sizzling western romance novel set in the American frontier. Explore our collection of Great Books at Great Prices.

Buffalo West / Steamy Western Romance Novel

Buffalo West: A steamy western romance novel by Herbert L Hilliard, featuring two army scouts and two women they meet and take as mates in the old west.

Buffalo west – The setting

The background of the book is a period of American history in the old west some years after the Civil War.

Moreover, the outcome is unexpected and is sure to stimulate the reader’s imagination. The reader should have their boots on, and their belts tighten before beginning the first paragraph of this book as its contents are both sexually spicy and sensuously suggestive material.

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The book is available in Kindle and paperback formats, with various features and rankings on Amazon


Note: The contents of this book are very explicit. This is an adult romance novel NOT FOR CHILDREN

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Short article to read

Before the universe

By Herbert L Hilliard: A short article by the author, expressing his existential thoughts on life, death, and oblivion.


From before the universe was formed sheol has been my destiny. And like everyone else I am fearful of the unknown. But the unknown is appointed to me long before the known.

Tartarus beckons me when I hear my heart beating in my ears as the hours pass and outer darkness encompasses me. The call of oblivion is beyond my powers to escape and yet oblivion is a place of rest and peace for me.

Complete oblivion is where I join all those who have gone before me into the depths of the unknown where the inevitability of sheol troubles me no more.

Lone before the instant of my conception the shades and the shadows of the abyss had my name engraved into it, and with spoons and forks of the worms awaited me.


When will the lost find ourselves and obtain our magnificence again? Oh, the sorrow of my soul for my own who have allowed ourselves to be transformed into complete idiots.

The dimwitted say to themselves that they do not have a clue as to who and what they are as the winds of the willfully ignorant blows back and forth within an empty mind where any new trend can be instilled into it.

Thinking has lost its relevance and intellectual integrity is a thing of the past.

Pull up your pants and behave like an adult.

Teach the children that to be grounded as a human being is now inappropriate, you are now an “IT”. And now the violence escalates as the core of life is shattered by a new whim. Looming on the horizon is yet another horizon and beyond that is the fall into the pit

I see myself as being a gray matter with many lost opportunities cut short by a feeling of inferiority. But why should water and dirt complain about being water and dirt, as water and dirt is nothing more than water and dirt.

The cosmos is not conscious of me, yet I am conscious of the cosmos.

A time is coming when I will be no more conscious of the cosmos as the cosmos is conscious of me.

In that day a shovel of dirt will be thrown into the earth to cover the dirt that is me.

In that day a shovel of dirt will be thrown into the earth to cover the dirt that is me.

The star lights are beautiful in the surrounding darkness that gives them an awe of distinction in their shining radiance.

I will laugh and not cry, and I will cry and not laugh, for to do so is to feel sorrow for death and for life.

But I know that I have neither life nor death, but an endless nothing in the illusion of both.

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