The Doctor and Thea

A Fantasy Storybook

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The Doctor and Thea
Discover a captivating love story in “The Doctor And Thea,” a fictional novel that explores the complexities of romance, physical handicap, and drug abuse. Immerse yourself in one of the best romance stories to read.

The Doctor and Thea is a fantasy storybook by Herbert L Hilliard, based on his personal experience as a former drug addict and burn victim. The book follows the relationship between a facial reconstruction surgeon and a woman he meets on his way back to his clinic.

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Copper Chestnut

Copper Chestnut: A poem by Herbert L Hilliard, expressing his love and admiration for a woman named Copper Chestnut. The poem describes her as a source of strength, happiness, and inspiration for him. Let’s Read!

VoodooQueenCopper Chestnut energizes me like a soothing rain shower. In her, I have never experienced such a sensation of warmth before. Copper Chestnut is a cosmos unto herself who has made me a part of her inspiriting reality in a world of people who are becoming even more depraved. I honor and adore Copper Chestnut.

Copper Chestnut is the clarity of correctness. Copper Chestnut is the engagement of unspoiled delivery. I know this to be true whenever I think of her. I am strong when I am in Copper Chestnut’s arms firm embrace. I respect and admire Copper Chestnut.

I find myself in the comfort of Copper Chestnut’s eyes when I have gone astray. The dark matter of the universe that sustains me is Copper Chestnut’s name. Copper Chestnut is the dark energy of the heavens who nourish me. I know that what I am saying is genuine when I press my lips to Copper Chestnut lips.

Building and keeping are salient and a meaningful relationship is a hope and the goal of every couple. A sincere heart is needed to do this successfully, along with love, patience, forgiveness, trust, mutual respect, and understanding. Both parties should agree on a shared sense of purpose and direction and follow it.

Relational difficulties occur because two unique and different personalities are trying to forge a single bond. Copper Chestnut and I understand that we cannot understand everything about each other. We accept one another as we are. All I need to do is cradle bliss. Copper Chestnut is utopian bliss at its most exquisite, and I adore her.

When Copper Chestnut gazes into my eyes, Copper Chestnut is looking into paradise, for in my eyes is Copper Chestnut’s reflection. My happiness does not come from Copper Chestnut. Copper Chestnut is my happiness. I am captivated by Copper Chestnut, and I thrive in it.

Copper Chestnut and I communicate to one another through our life energies, and what we say to each other is the substance of infinite vitality. I revere Copper Chestnut, and I let her know it.


Chocolate Cream Fudge Cake


At his birthday party a chocolate cream fudge cake is presented to him. Such a lovely cake, so well formed and so beautifully decorated. As he contemplates blowing out the candles that top it the thought occurred to him that he wants to keep this chocolate cream fudge cake intact.

Such a waste that such a well prepared and such a well-dressed chocolate cream fudge cake should be regulated to simply being an after taste. So, what shall he do with his concerns about this delightfully decorated chocolate cream fudge cake, seeing that he does not want to offend his party guests?

Feasibly he can tell his birthday party guests that he has already eaten and will save the chocolate cream fudge cake for later. Or he can tell his birthday party guests that he does not want to create a carbon footprint by blowing out the candles topping this delicious looking chocolate cream fudge cake.

At his birthday party he finds himself confronted with having to decide between two possibilities regarding his birthday party guests and the scrumptious chocolate cream fudge cake placed before him.

Candles are flickering in as much suspense as his birthday party guests awaiting him to do something regarding the delectable chocolate cream fudge cake sitting on the party table.

true black women

Conceivably he can tell his birthday party guests that they all have had a little too much to drink and will not appreciate the delicacies of the mouthwatering chocolate cream fudge cake they have presented him. In the present state of mind of his birthday party guests that explanation may go over well in semi-intoxicated brains.

He will then give his birthday party guests thanks with plenty of appreciation and take the appetizing chocolate cream fudge cake into his bedroom for safe storage. Once he has secured the yummy chocolate cream fudge cake from the mouths and stomachs of his birthday party guests by taking it to a safe place, he can now undertake the task of keeping it moist and fresh.

Sealing the chocolate cream fudge cake under a cake cover or freezing it simply will not do, and room temperature will suffice for a time but the ever-present temptation to gorge on it would be too great.

Never in his life has he seen anything so alluring and so beautiful as the chocolate cream fudge cake that his birthday party guests have presented to him. They do not comprehend the magnitude of what they have done.

There is no way that he can adequately show his heartfelt thanks to them for giving him such a stunning gift or how he must use every particle of his brain power to keep the chocolate cream fudge cake out of their inebriated mouths.

This is what he will do. He will entice his birthday party guests to sing a cheerful song in honor of his birthday and as they are embroiled in singing, he will perform a vanishing act with the chocolate cream fudge cake hiding it away from the assaults of their spoons, knives, and forks.

melanated 4

One more glass full and one more puff and his birthday party guests will have forgotten all about the exquisite chocolate cream fudge cake they have given him.

That will work! Distraction and subterfuge will save this magnificent chocolate cream fudge cake from a rendezvous with a toilet bowl cleaner, and he will be able to nibble away at it in peace in the privacy of his bedroom.