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Fatally Pathetic: The Story of an Ill-fated Conception
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Fatally Pathetic: A raw autobiography book by Herbert L Hilliard that narrates his life struggles with family, drugs, HIV, and sexual inadequacy. The book is available in Kindle and paperback formats on Amazon.com.

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Distribute of subtleties are not open for public exposure as that is my own disgrace and responsibility that I should battle with day to day.

Distress and lament don’t pardon nor ease up the profundities of the tumuli that I have caused to other people and my moment of retribution comes in the heaviness of my recollections.

Consequently, I write to put in sight the repulsion that I permitted myself to take part in at the damage of the blameless.

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Image a pristine island over a million years ago. The people are vibrant and creative. They have their faults and disturbances, that unfortunately is the nature of carbon-based oxygen breathers. Mortal to the core, temperamental and insensitive.

But there are always exceptions to the general rule which the storyteller in this book gladly shares with all of us. Read Ewuare the Sea khabir on Kindle or at Barnes and Noble.

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The Subhuman Elements

The Subhuman Elements by Herbert L Hilliard: A short article by Herbert L Hilliard that criticizes the lack of critical thinking and self-improvement among some people who are influenced by two hundred years of indoctrination. The article urges them to stop hurting and killing one another and engage in innovativeness and intellectual ingenuity.

Over two hundred years of indoctrination has created a subhuman element that accepts everything fed into it without question. These individuals do not have the ideological mechanism to perform basic critical thinking skills. They live by reacting rather than thinking.


These subhuman elements are quick to hurt and speedy to kill because they are void of human nature and have no desire to improve their spiritual, social, and intellectual condition. These subhuman elements look and sound like me because I am the product of my culture, just as they are.

We all must heighten our sense of self, placing no one above us and feeling that no one is beneath us. By brute force, bestiality unshackles themselves from animalistic thinking and behavior and enhances in value and quality their level of existence.

The weak of mind will continue to be a ludicrous figure having a brittle foundation that is easily cracked, broken, and snapped apart. They will continue to hate themselves and everyone who looks like them. They will continue to be an obscene wound debasing the earth irreverent to nature.


My love for sub-humans is strong. Strong enough to be depressed by what I see. Strong enough to strive to make myself better, moving beyond the surface material of my brain into the clarity of personal maturity. Two hundred years of indoctrination shattered by correctness. Two hundred years of indoctrination overthrown by an inventive mind.

Stop hurting and killing one another and engage in innovativeness and intellectual ingenuity. The first will be the foremost again as the subhuman is destroyed and becomes a living being.

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