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Herbert L Hilliard, born on April 18, 1955, in Daytona Beach, Florida, has led a life marked by both challenges and creative pursuits. Raised by his grandmother in MacClenny and Jacksonville, Florida, Hilliard’s early life laid the foundation for a diverse career path. After graduating from Baker County High School in 1974, he joined the U.S. Army, serving as an armor crewman until 1977.

His post-military life saw him delve into computer technology, leading to a position with Computer Sciences Corporation at the Kennedy Space Center. However, personal struggles, including substance abuse, led to a period of turbulence. Hilliard’s resilience shone through as he overcame these challenges, channeling his experiences into writing.

His works, such as “Thoughts Of A Dying Dead Man: AKA Loser Squared,” reflect a raw and honest exploration of life’s darker moments, offering readers a glimpse into the depths of human experience.

Other works include: Triple Romancing, Buffalo West, Fatally Pathetic: The Story of an Ill-fated Conception, Lights and Reflections: The Mysteries of “YOU”, The Doctor and Thea, Thoughts of a Dying Dead Man: AKA Loser Squared, Thoughts of a Living Dead Man, The Cosmic Tapestry: The Story of Behati, Divine Consciousnesses: The Mysteries of Eternity, and Ewuare the Sea khabir.