Ewuare the Sea khabir

Image a pristine island over a million years ago. The people are vibrant and creative. They have their faults and disturbances, that unfortunately is the nature of carbon-based oxygen breathers. Mortal to the core, temperamental and insensitive. But there are always exceptions to the general rule which the storyteller in this book gladly shares with […]

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thoughts of a living dead man

Contemporary Poetry

Immerse yourself in the world of contemporary poetry with our diverse collection. From raw emotions to vivid imagery, experience the power of words. Let the words of today’s poets inspire and move you. Also, take a look at our newest edition to the awesome book collection at Radiance In Reading. Review and purchase at Amazon.

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May I Control You?

May I control you? “The concept of control over one’s life and the lives of others, even in death, is a complex and sensitive subject. It touches on deep philosophical, ethical, and psychological issues about autonomy, consent, and the nature of influence. Historically, people have sought to extend their influence beyond their lifetime through wills

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Discover the Joy of Reading

Discover the joy of reading. Ignite your imagination with Radiance In Reading! Immerse yourself in the pleasures of reading and discover captivating books that will leave you spellbound. Visit luciditybooks.com now and embark on a literary journey. Looking for a swoon-worthy read? Dive into this curated collection of romance novels by Herbert Hilliard, each weaving

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