Lights and Reflections

Your Celestial Wisdom

Celestial Wisdom
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Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
Type: Alternate history
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June 26, 2010
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ISBN-10: 9781453707036
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Obtaining Celestial Wisdom

Do not let the prophets of doom frighten you. Lights And Reflections is a spiritual novel that explores the evidence of existence and life after death.

Questions anyone?

Are you afraid of dying because you believe that physical death is the finish of your existence? Have you ever wondered about the makeup of the universe in which you live and if there are other beings that inhabit this dimension, our galaxy, and beyond? This book does not have the answers to any of these questions only ponders them.

Book scope

Lights and Reflections explore the hidden secrets of existence and our individual place within it. Read Lights and Reflections and see how it all turns out.

In conclusion

Even in discouragements rays of light are sent as a gift from the hands of the creator of lights and reflections refreshing the heart, giving vigor to the mind, making the inundate spirit become suddenly aware of itself, causing all things to be feasible for those who can see beyond their current feelings and emotions.

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♛ I Think About ♚

by Herbert L Hilliard

Queen2♛ Thirdly-five minutes after midnight
I wonder what you are doing right now.
I hope you are energic and in good health
Not in pain and have peace of mind.
Perhaps you are asleep.
May your sleep be filled with soft, sweet dreams.
You are so far away, yet close within my heart and mind.

Forty-three minutes after midnight ♚
I wonder what is on your mind.
Are your thoughts those that give you rest?
I send out my thoughts to connect with yours.
Do you hear me in your mind?
Can you feel my love of you in my thoughts sent to you?
If you can feel my thoughts of you
Let me embrace you and cause the distance between you and me to fade away.


♚ Fifty-five minutes after midnight
I wonder what you are doing right now.
Are you awake, or are you asleep?
You have no idea as to who I am.
You have no knowledge that I even exist.
So close and so far away is my love of you.
That even the unknown is factual, and the unseen is visible.

♚ Five minutes after one, and I think about you.
As bright as the Stars.
And as soft and embracing as the Night are my thoughts of you.
How so abundantly I adore you.
How enveloping do I love you?

Twenty-seven minutes after One
I think so lovingly about you. ♛