When will the lies

This is a Comparison of two Drifts

My Drift: When will the Lies

When will the lies lay dormant and the truth which is exposed be accepted? Those who prefer to languish in a dense fog instead of clarity are like thieves and robbers stealing knowledge and looting conscious development.

Lies of superiority, lies of enlightenment have fallen apart and there is nothing left but to support the illusion of the lies that have faltered. Swimming against the current and creating waves that only hinders progress.

To be delivered from self-delusion is a positive step to undertake that can only lead to peace of mind and a lower heart rate.

Elevated is the one who can accept reality as it is, just as unwise is the one who prefers to live in make-believe and falsehood. No one has the perfect walk as many stumbling-stones litter our paths in life, but those who deliberately choose to stumble are worse off than those who choose to avoid the stones.

The lies have caused much pain and sorrow masquerading as the truth, and no one seems to have learned from the awful lessons taught by them. No one seems to want to learn anything that will correct them. Every head is bent out of shape and adores that configuration.

There is no need to go to distant lands to emphasize troubles as there can be found many troubles that exist right next door. Putting down others to make yourself look good is childish and unproductive and a counterweight to constructiveness.

Going to another land to talk about that land’s problem with clean drinking water is idiotic when only a block from you people is compelled to buy bottled water because of the dangers of drinking water from the tap.

The lies are embedded in textbooks, music, movies, college lectures, and every communication medium available. Even on tombstones and monuments the lies prevail. Prevailing at a time when access to information is easier than ever before, that we know of.

Human waste is clogging the seas and the air that we breathe and in time the planet Earth will be as the planets Mars and Lucifer (Venus). But only for a short time as geological time goes, as the planet Earth is vibrant and alive and will regenerate itself having brought to rot the creatures that despoil it, as it has done countless times before.

The lies are temporal being constantly replaced and refurbished by new lies. The truth is constant and cannot be replaced only ignored and tunneled. Those who tunnel the truth have a selfish agenda and dishonest motives.

Liars leap like frogs in the mire and wallow like pigs in the mud. The waters are stagnant, and the seeds are no longer producing. The era of Hominids is over in the universe, and everything is tranquil and at peace.

Bing’s Copilot AI Rewrite of my Draft

The Quest for Truth in a World of Illusions

In a world brimming with information, yet paradoxically plagued by misinformation, the quest for truth becomes a pivotal crusade for clarity and conscious development. The fog of deception, thick with the lies of superiority and enlightenment, has long obscured the path to genuine understanding. It is a fog that some choose to dwell in, thieves in the mist, robbing us of knowledge and hindering the progress of society.

The crumbling of these falsehoods leaves behind only the husks of illusions, challenging us to swim against the current of deceit. Yet, it is in this struggle that we find the opportunity for growth, for to emerge from the self-imposed delusion is to take a step towards tranquility and a steadier heartbeat.

To accept reality as it is, unvarnished and stark, is an act of elevation. Conversely, those who cling to the comfort of make-believe do so at their peril, for the path of life is strewn with stumbling stones. Deliberately choosing to stumble is a choice worse than ignorance—it is the willful embrace of fallacy.

The pain inflicted by these lies, masquerading as truths, is profound, yet the lessons they offer go unheeded. A stubborn refusal to learn, to correct course, bends the collective psyche out of shape, a distortion celebrated by too many.

There is no need to traverse oceans to find tribulations when they lie at our doorstep. The act of belittling others to elevate oneself is not only childish but counterproductive, a hindrance to collective construction.

To speak of water scarcity in distant lands while ignoring the plight of those a stone’s throw away, compelled to buy bottled water for safety, is a folly of misplaced priorities. The lies we confront are not confined to distant shores; they are woven into the very fabric of our daily lives—textbooks, media, lectures, and even the inscriptions on monuments.

In an era where information is more accessible than ever, it is a tragic irony that falsehoods persist with such tenacity. And as we grapple with these deceptions, the very planet we call home bears the burden of our neglect. The seas choke on our waste, the air grows heavy with pollution, and we are left with a stark warning: Earth’s fate could mirror that of Mars or Venus if we continue on this path.

The journey towards truth is arduous, but it is one we must undertake. For in truth, there is liberation, and in liberation, there is the hope for a future where clarity prevails over the dense fog of lies. Let us then strive to be the bearers of truth, the seekers of reality, and the architects of a world where conscious development is not a casualty of deception, but the foundation of our collective existence.

The Eternal Cycle of Earth’s Regeneration

The Earth, a vibrant and dynamic entity, has witnessed countless cycles of regeneration. It’s a planet that has endured the eons, outlasting the rise and fall of numerous species that have walked its diverse landscapes. The geological clock ticks at a pace unfathomable to the human mind, marking epochs where even the mightiest creatures eventually succumb to the natural order, decomposing back into the very soil from which they once emerged.

In this grand cycle, the concept of truth and deception plays a curious role. Lies, transient and ever-evolving, weave through the fabric of human history, constantly being shed and renewed like the leaves of a deciduous tree. Truth, in contrast, stands unyielding and eternal, often obscured but never altered. It is the bedrock upon which the integrity of civilizations is built, and yet, it is frequently burrowed under by those with self-serving motives, casting shadows over the clarity it provides.

The metaphorical leap of liars, akin to frogs in a swamp, and their indulgence in deception, reminiscent of swine in mud, paints a vivid picture of a world mired in dishonesty. It’s a world where stagnation has taken hold, where the once fertile grounds of innovation and growth have become barren, no longer yielding the fruits of progress.

In this poetic reflection, the user envisions an end to the era of hominids, a cessation of the tumultuous reign of humanity, leading to a universe that finds tranquility and peace. It’s a contemplative scenario, one that invites us to ponder the legacy we leave behind and the impact of our actions on the ever-enduring Earth.

As we consider this, it’s crucial to remember that our planet has a remarkable ability to heal and renew itself. Despite the damages inflicted, Earth continues to be a wellspring of life, a testament to resilience and the enduring power of nature. It’s a comforting thought that, in the grand tapestry of time, Earth will persist and flourish, long after our stories have been told and our footprints have faded away. Let us strive to be stewards of this magnificent home, nurturing it for the countless generations yet to come.

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