Not Taking the Time to Understand

Not taking the time to understand what you think that you want is the cause of much frustration and anguish in your life. You ask yourself why you are not able to accomplish the task that you have given yourself, and you begin looking for someone or something outside of yourself as being the culprit behind your lack of success.

Your principal hindrance is you, or to be more precise, your methods of thinking that deprive you of using critical analysis skills. So, what can you do to alleviate yourself of this reasoning deficit that is keeping you at a standstill?

You must first understand that your method of processing data is a habit that you have developed, and like any habit, moving too fast without thinking can be overcome with practice. You must place that which you think that you want inside the broader picture of your life and see how it fits.

If none of this works, find a tree with sturdy branches and hang yourself. It is better to move into another dimension of existence than to be trapped in an unproductive one that you have created for yourself.

Your thinking is the cause of your problems, as you do not take the time to think but choose to act on instincts. You quickly move into a new endeavor using the same approach that has not yielded any benefits at any time before, unconsciously replicating activities that have repeatedly failed without realizing it.

Every individual has the responsibility for crafting the world view that is the best fit for them. Eternity does not allow anyone to give their thinking abilities to anyone else. Not taking the time to understand what you think that you want is allowing that which you think that you want to do your thinking for you.

I think that I want her in my arms but is that the best place for her to be. If I take the time to think more about this, I may see that she is the ultra-wrong woman that I should want to be in my arms. Without carefully thinking, I then go ahead and make life difficult for both myself and her by holding someone in my arms that should not be there.

Not taking the time to understand what you think that you want usually leads to weak and uncertain behavior. Weak and uncertain behavior often leads to a barrier that you have inserted where what you have set out to do is not done.

I think that I want to kiss her mouth, but she has some type of cold or allergy, so should I really do this. The lack of using critical thinking cause me to kiss her and I end up taking a trip to the hospital emergency room for my thoughtlessness.

Now, what is the point of what I have said? I don’t know because I have not taken the time to think about what I am saying.