Nauseous Humanity – Vomitus Thinking

Sick people have gotten everyone on the planet as mentally ill as they are. Allowing themselves to be influenced by the pathologically deranged the Earth’s peoples have become foolish. The peoples of the world no longer know whether they are male or female. They have lost the sense of themselves and are whatever the bizarre wants them to be.

Without having a correct concept of what a human is, the newcomers that now strongly influence the affairs of the world are creating a world filled with mindless drones. They are discreetly fashioning a biosphere of gullible idiots who accept everything told them without thinking.

An invisible man in the sky is where the answers to life’s questions are to come. With a childlike naivety, peoples who should know better accept a history that is being told to them that is overflowing with lies. Lies craftily devised to give the shaggy hair more importance than they deserve, which the firstborn of the cosmos foolishly takes to heart.

A good vomit is what the planet itself, and its many life forms require to cleanse itself of the ice people that are currently troubling it and its peoples. Unwisely allowing the cultural thief to rob you of yourself is what the mirror that is looking back at you is telling you that it does not like about you.

The peoples of the Earth are now at their lowest point willfully inflicted upon them by creatures that honestly believe that they have brought the world to its highest pinnacle. A hollow shell cannot impart anything worthwhile to their children. The children have nothing but a bare discharge as an example of what a thinking adult is.

Even the creatures that have created this mess desperately want it to end as they earnestly look forward to being caught up in a hail of smoke by a nonexistent savior who is one-third of an imaginary god.

Vomitus thinking is the rule of today as people have politely surrendered, even wanting the desire to think for themselves. The stadium of ignorant bless is packed, and the willingly thoughtless herd adores it.

Those who think that they are the authorities are the summit of humanities plummet and will be the first to self-detonate when the Earth begins a new mass extinction cycle.