The shadows of my heart

The shadows of my heart compel me toward your light, for I know that within your luminescence, there is a brightness in my heart and purification of my mind. I know that what I feel about you is genuine, extending beyond the emotional into that which is beyond me.

The shadows of my heart are comforted by your presence, and my sense of well-being becomes delightfully refreshed. Hold me in your thoughts as I hold you in my heart. I am the sweetness of your kiss when you touch my lips with yours. I am the fullness of your smile as I look into your eyes.

The shadows of my heart fade away at the sound of your footsteps, and the silhouette of my being becomes well-defined as I am no longer an outline. You fill me with fullness and chisel me into every contour of your curves. I am lost within and without, but not without doubt, about you who completes me.

The shadows of my heart are dark and brilliant with the warmth of your presence that leaves me breathless when you blow me a kiss. You are the dwelling within me that makes me feel like a man where no social norm has the privilege to define what I am. I am your strength. I am your love. I am a man. You are a woman.

The shadows of my heart have encased themself within your arms. I now know as never before the pleasures of being alive. In the beginning, you created my world when you said hello, and then it was, and then it was not, the first day of my life.