The Very Least You Can Do

The very least you can do after dismissing me without notice is to let me kiss you one last time as a charitable act of closure if for nothing more.

The absence of your presence is like sending me off into the wilderness without clothing, food, nor drink where I must endure the hardships of being without you.

Moments in time that will survive throughout infinity is the course that you have given me to live by arbitrarily casting me into the remotest parts of outer darkness.

Go away, and as you walk do not even bother to cast a shadow, is what you have told me. Your command I must obey because I love you and always want to be a pleasure and a delight for you.

Yet what I want and what you want, seem to be in a mish match quantum state of jumbled sentiments regarding our visions of the future. I have heard you well, and I am utmost flabbergasted by the impact of your words that seem to have come out of nowhere.

I perceive that I am asleep. I hope that I am asleep. And if I am not sleeping, I hope that you are only daydreaming and are not conscious of what you are saying to me.

Without a call to arms, you have pressure cooked my groin with blistering words of rejection that glow in the dark and flow like molten rock over the affections that I deluded myself into believing that you felt for me.

And so, I plead on standing feet that you allow me one last kiss before I leave.

Allow me to kiss you back and front from thigh to thigh and in-between until you flow and overflow with nostalgia of the presence that you are about to consign to the past. Let me kiss you until you cannot stand it anymore and your head becomes as dizzy as the horrible words that you are now speaking to me.

Like a dinosaur watching a bright light in the sky just before impact, I am vaporized by your words that explode in an instant. But unlike the dinosaurs, I can feel the pain of your blast and the aftermath of your decision regarding your further association with me.

Have pity on the true at heart and the loving in spirit and let me kiss you one last time before you banish me into the free-flowing winds of climate change.

A devastating ground and arial attack inflicted upon the unprepared and defenseless strategically deployed by word of mouth from adorable lips is as about a depleting and a defeating of an assault as a love dearly can receive.

Why are you telling me to go away, when you’re telling me to go away is depriving my knees of strength and my feet are screaming at me to run away so that I cannot hear what you are saying?

One last long enthusiastic kiss below your pelvic is all that I ask of you as I am dismissed by you without a whim and transformed into an egg roll on burnt toast that no one wants to eat.

My equilibrium with reality and indeed a goodly portion of my sanity shattered into mindless splinters by your disturbing choice of words and your ruthless decision to expunge me so haphazardly.

Arise my sense of being in this moment of terror as you are needed to strengthen me in this hour of catastrophic need.

My loved one is pushing me into the unseen void of forgetfulness where I wander through an endless maze of never being able to touch and hold her again.

Just one last kiss to your lips that is gloriously housed between your feet, and I will rest not in peace and not in contentment at your loss but in gratitude of the time that you gave me before turning my status-quo regarding my relationship with you into mush.

This I ask of you with all due diligence and sincerity hoping that my tongue and mouth will persuade you into rethinking the decision that you have made regarding me.