Calculated and Cultivated Lies are our Present Truths

Everything currently being taught is a Big White Lie, and this has been the case from the dawn of the Western European era on the world stage.

Europeans have made some astounding and breathtaking accomplishments over the past two centuries in technologies and many other interdisciplinary fields of study.

However, this increase in carnal knowledge comes at a high cost. Racism, in its present form, was introduced into the human psyche with the rise of Western Europeans in human history. Fear and hatred were giving a significant boost in spirit with the rise of Western Europeans.

From the dawn of the Western European era on the world stage, everything has transformed into is a Big White Lie, and all sorts of other methods and reasoning for human separation have been born.

There has never been perfect harmony between different peoples in all of human history for various reasons, yet, with the arrival of Western Europeans, a more vile and sinister type of disharmony between the Earth family of peoples appeared, than at any age humans have ever known and experienced before.

From the start of Western European exploration, what they saw did not fit within the European paradigm of the universe that they knew. European explorers consciously blinded themselves to things that were in plain sight because what they saw did not fit within the primitive model of the universe that they came.

When European explorers saw the evidence of great civilizations of the remote past, they promptly whitewashed them to fit within their developing portrait of this new world that they accidentally found.

Europeans envied the peoples and the cultures that they met and created a Big White Lie about everything as a means of adjusting themselves to things that were beyond their level of understanding.

An example of this is that so-called European historians love to talk about ancient Egypt and deny the evidence of the people who created that culture. The ancient peoples of Kemet were what are today called Africans, not the people who inhabit the land now called Egypt today that are intruders mainly of Middle-eastern origins.

The purpose of today’s educational system is not to create thinkers, but believers in a ridiculous religion disseminated by idiots whose goal is to manufacture in the peoples of the world an artificial intelligence that can be easily manipulated and controlled.

The only values and standards taught in this educational system are those approved by Neanderthals of Western European heritage who passionately believe that the only valid tenets to abide by are those that they say is so.

Beasts look upon everyone on the outside of their guarded circle as merely being a primitive embryonic niggardly ooze that can be effectively mastered by fear, entertainment, and falsehood.

Western European peoples are the architects of unsound truths, which are carefully crafted by laying each lie upon propaganda, upon yet another falsehood, that after a time, the white invention becomes the illusion of the truth to those who are susceptible to absurdity.

Barbarians tell human beings that every imagination of the mind is an open game, that we can kill at a whim. Corruptions of the natural order tell humans that and hatred and violence is the human norm and that we are animals creeping out of the ooze, and no more.

Degenerates of European absurdity say that human-beings can disregard our nature and crave the same sex, lust for tainted flesh, freely mimic their distorted attributes and adulterate our essence.

These accidents of nature tell human-beings that the god of this world is them in the guise of self-expression, political correctness, their financial systems, their technological advancements that have made a shambles of this once stunning Earth, and globalization.

The only authority that these self-appointed privileged find acceptable are the power that lies, and deceptions give them. Peoples of European heritage despise everyone, including themselves, which is why they want to kill everything and everyone, including themselves.

To those psychopaths, we, those that are not one of them, are no more than a horde of Australopithecus that desperately needs their guidance and care, and to accomplish this, those psychopaths want to kill well over ninety percent of the human population.

With contempt and scorn, Europeans sit in their ivory chairs and manipulate the currencies of the nations in a way that best pleases them. They laugh that dimwits the world over believe that troglodyte money has any actual value, knowing full well that its only worth is what they, (the instigators of doom), say it is at any particular time.

These Neanderthals even take genuine knowledge and ax-murder it into moronic non-sense by changing a word, or the meaning of a word, carefully devising definitions that uplift them and downgrade everyone else.

It will not be such a bad thing if these rulers, in their secure places, were to achieve their goal. The planet Earth can wonderfully rejoice to be rid of so much human misery, hatred, and confusion, as over ninety-five percent of the human population annihilated.

The Sad part of this is that the First-born of creation, the Gorgeous BLACK, accepts this non-sense and even breathes more life into it by looking to brutish cave dwellers for self-substantiation and self-esteem.

Take back command of yourselves Perfect BLACK and be attentive, nothing about the primitive Neanderthal has improved the lie is only in disguise.

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herberth4 Retired
Retired computer tech. Bachelor degree in Computer Information Systems, Jones College, Jacksonville, Florida