Rescuing The Cognitively Inanimate

Rescuing The Cognitively Inanimate. There is no way by which anyone can rescue the cognitively inanimate, this is a concerted endeavor that the individual must take for themselves. A person is responsible for the functionality of their own thinking. If a person chooses to be influenced by every whim of the society in which they live, then that person must be willing to accept the consequences of their decision.

Role models come and go so it is important to choose the appropriate role model that you want to emulate, keeping in mind that everyone have their share of flaws consisting of both a public and private face. We have all heard this before, but what are we doing with it to better our life, as knowledge is useless if not used.

The cognitively inanimate are self- destroyers, vandals that ravage their neighborhoods and society, desecrate their humanity, inhabit the lowest levels of thinking, and proud of it. The cognitively inanimate populate all levels of society. They are elected government officials, news media foghorns, social media addicts, preachers behind the pulpit, and the list goes on.

The best role models are people who look like you, having a shared societal experience. Do not try to emulate and look like someone that you are not. Be proud of who and what you are and live. The past is as dead as the cognitively inanimate thinking, yet the past is a vital tool if you use the past to learn from it. Forgive those who are deserving of forgiveness. Stop pleading the victim which only downgrades your thinking of yourself and other people.

The cognitively inanimate can only be rehabilitated from within their own cerebrum one brain cell at a time and this the cognitively inanimate must do for themselves. The young men of the planet, of the cosmos, must stop hurting and killing one another, protect their woman and children, be builders not demolishers, elevate their thinking abilities and thrive.

Today is the day to create your story, your history. You, young men of the cosmos, have the greatness of the past embedded within your genes. Your ancestors have a universe of knowledge and wisdom that they want to give you when you show them that you are worthy of having it. Pull up your pants, hold up your head and conquer in their memory and name.